Can you feel it? April’s energy is filled with new beginnings and celebrations.

Do our bodies and minds really respond to the Earth’s energy of rebirth and new creations? Does the scent of warmer air stir our senses and creative juices? I think so. After all, we are all connected to each other and Mother Earth. And it gives us reason to celebrate.

This time of year we focus our attention on the Legacies Contest ceremony. Our judges have read the stories and are faced with the difficult task of choosing the winners. We think that all of the entries are winners. Let’s celebrate! All authors are invited to attend a ceremony and luncheon in their honor on April 13 at noon.

Moving forward, this month we honor our many volunteers during National Volunteer Week. It is sponsored by the Points of Light Foundation and recognized during the week of April 15. This year’s theme is “Inspire by Example.” The Council on Aging involves more than 80 volunteers, and they are masters at inspiring others through their commitment and dedication. Each year, they give thousands of volunteer hours to the seniors of Dracut. This represents the strong compassion and sense of duty that reflects who they are.

All volunteers are invited to join me at my coffee hour on April 19 at 10 a.m. to receive a thank-you gift, enjoy a continental breakfast and a sharing of volunteer stories. Bring your most memorable volunteer experience.

The movie of the month will be shown on the April 17 at noon and will be a departure from our regular screenings. We will be showing The Secret. Have you heard about it? You’re in for a treat because The Secret already has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Larry King and Oprah already have featured it on their shows. The movie will reveal the secret as it is shown through the topics of the law of attraction, gratitude, spirituality, the science of quantum physics and the success mindset.

Healthy aging is the topic of the monthly lecture on April 5 at 10 a.m. The discussion will consist of what aging means and if disease and fragility are a natural part of aging. The discussion will explore the myths about aging and speak of ways we can slow down the aging process. Information will be offered about what everyone can do to become healthy now and for the future.

Come join us at the Senior Center, “The Best Place in Town.”

Joyce Shadan is the executive director of the Council on Aging.