You asked for it, and we are in the middle of trying to do it.

For a while now, we have had requests to make the media section a bit easier to understand. We agreed it was a bit of a jumble, but right at this very moment, it is a disaster. Like all those signs you see around, please bear with us as we rearrange, recatalog, reset and get it into a different order. You really cannot move sections without making a mess and boy, can I make a mess.

However, when it is finished the music CDs will be right in the front so you can find them. The classifications will be abbreviated, but will include music in the blues (BL), jazz (JZ), classical (CL), folk (FO), international sounds (IN), holiday, and country & western (C&W), which by the way circulates far more than we realized. We will be adding more to that area for male and female vocalists (MV & FV) and groups (GR). There is also a various collection, and probably one I missed but will find later. Until we have extra hours we will not alphabetize in these fields. That means hours of recataloging, which no one has time to do right now.

So the answer to “how do I find things” is to use the catalog or browse. If we don’t have it, someone will and you can request it from other libraries. This is really a collection in progress as we look to see what it is you listen to and what we can add. We do follow guidelines in this collection, as well as with all the others. One criterion is that we will not knowingly add titles with restrictions on the album. We do have some that are donated and those have to be in good condition and current. We also have a collection of CDs in one of the bins in the children’s room. Be aware that we add to those as well.

At the same time we are working on the DVD/VHS collection. We are no longer adding the VHS tapes. As for the DVDs, we are adding new ones and replacing VHS tapes with DVDs. If you have DVDs that are in good condition, we would love those for both children and adults. What we are going to try and do is separate the VHS and DVD collections and arrange them by title. This is going to take time since it means a full recataloging as we move.

In addition, the TV series will be separated and displayed in one area. We have already divided out the different nonfiction items. Look for “how to do” almost anything — animal videos, historical events, sports, how to coach — as well as the whole baseball series, fitness tapes and DVDs. We are trying to make things easier to find. It will take time so bear with us. At least this proves we do listen and try to make things better.

Stay warm and keep reading.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Moses Greeley Parker Library.