PELHAM — Three Pelham mothers shared a vision of providing an outlet for stay-at-home moms to get out of the house and spend quality time with other women.

Cindy Kyzer, Liz Passamonte and Leanne Parent banded together to bring Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS) to the Crossroads Baptist Church on 43 Atwood Road. The group met for the first time on Jan 18.

“It’s a support group that gives moms a chance to bond with other women and have some fun,” said Passamonte.

Two Thursdays a month, the group will gather in the large banquet room at the church, while Parent oversees the children as they in the nursery downstairs. , THE BROADCASTER Body:

“Today we’re taking a trip to see my well,” she tells the children who respond in excitement at the idea of taking a magical journey outside.

Nineteen-month-old Corinne Kelly is content making soup out of hot pink Play-Doh, and pretends not to notice as the group lines up.

Wandering up the to see what the moms are up to, the sound of laughter rings down the narrow hallway.

An icebreaker game is under way, explains Cindy Kyzer. Each of the women must divulge the secret contents of their pocketbooks, evoking an eruption of nervous laughter around the table as they await their turns.

“We do the icebreakers to get everyone laughing and ease the tension,” said Passamonte.

Michelle Kelly of Pelham has three children, two of whom are very active boys involved in various sports. Juggling the children’s sports activities with other daily household responsibilities make it difficult for Kelly to take time for herself.

“This group is the perfect amount of time and gives me the chance to follow up with other stay-at-home mothers,” said Kelly.

Several mothers inquire about their children between conversations.

“Was she OK?” asks Kelly about her daughter Corinne. “I’ve never left her before so I didn’t know how she would do.”

After some reassurance that Corinne is happily up to her elbows in Play-Doh, Kelly continues with the games.

The group is planning different activities over the next few weeks, including craft making, movies dealing with parenting issues and guest speakers.

“We’ll have different booth days, too, where different groups relating to parenting will come in and give information,” said Kyzer. “We’ll have a first-aid teacher in here and maybe do a facial and makeover day.”

The purpose of the group is to create a social outlet for busy mothers and give them the opportunity to bond with other mothers, according to Kyzer. These days mothers juggle a lot of responsibilities and often forget to set aside some time for themselves. By providing a safe environment for the children, fun activities and a nurturing environment, many stay-at-home moms will have the opportunity to take back just a little.

The meetings are $5 per session or $20 per year to be a member of MOPS International.