I guess I should learn never to comment on Mother Nature. From the frying pan into the freezer in one leap! Oh well, this really is a more normal temperature, and I guess we have to learn that winter in New England will have cold spells.

Now for a problem. We have heard from patrons who want DVDs. We buy them as soon as we can. However, DVDs are not like the VHS tapes. They need to be handled with great care. Because they are graphic and not text, a tiny scratch will ruin the watching for the next person. Some children are not aware that handling DVDs must be done carefully. Please, if you want us to continue to have the new items, do take great care in taking them out of the cases, putting them in the players and then back into the cases. Do not leave them hanging around without the case protection. If we have to start inspecting every time one goes in or out, the lines will increase.

Books, VHS and even the music CDs do not damage as fast as the DVDs. We have a limited budget; we either replace or get new ones, sort of a take your pick. If you have DVDs in good condition and would like to donate them, believe me, I will accept them gladly.

Looks like the library is on the fast track for breaking another record again this month. Thank you; each one of you is just fulfilling the dreams that we had when we began this project. When we see you come in, read for a bit then take out what you want to read, it reinforces the feeling that a library is a living entity populated by those who make use of what is provided. When we see the use of the young-adult items increasing, it suggests all is not lost as many had said. The kids of today can and do read. I am not talking about computer use, but the number of books, fiction and nonfiction that go out of here on a monthly basis. Statistics show that all ages are reading more and more. The more we provide, the more you use. It sort of defeats the comments by those who indicate a library is just waste of space.

What amazes us is the way the items on the main display tables fly out of here. I had expected the new fiction to fly, but we cannot keep any of these displays full. If you see it, I guess you want to read or use it. Don’t forget, if there is one book downstairs on a topic of interest, then there are probably 10 more upstairs. We are also trying to update our How-To video section with new exercise, sports, crafts and health DVDs. You ask; we listen.

Here is a new author to watch for if you want to begin a new series. According the hype, Murder 101 by Maggie Barbieri is the first of the series. Like all “firsts,” it is a bit bland, but you have to meet the main characters somehow. There is a mystery, not a heavy one but enough to give the plot some control. The characters are what drive the reader to continue. Alison, a professor in a small college setting, is recently divorced. She had her car stolen and is, in general, miserable. Max is her slightly wacky best friend and as the story progresses, Crawford becomes the “cop” character. Add a cup of hot chocolate and you will be fine for a relaxing evening.

On the other hand well-known author Julie Garwood does it again. For those of you who like romance mixed with suspense, murder and a little adventure, Shadow Dance is a book to take home. Jordan is bored. She has sold her computer company, giving her funds and freedom to do what she wants, but what does she want? When an obnoxious historian suggests that there is an intense family feud in her background, Jordan decides to head to Serenity, Texas, and find out the truth. Readers know that with a name like Serenity, trouble will soon be on the horizon, and it is, along with the romance you expect from Garwood.

Enjoy and keep visiting; we love to see you.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.