Make sure you have all the holiday videos, books and CDs you need to get you through this wonderful, hectic and stressful time of year.

I do hope all of you are well, that the “bugs” going around have not found your home and made everyone sick. With the first real brush of cold, maybe we will get lucky and the mosquitoes, bacteria and the illnesses will all either go into hibernation or end. I could not believe that mosquitoes were still floating around as late as a week ago. It seems to indicate that we are really staying warmer. Now part of me is saying great, I hate winter coats and all parents I know hate the dressing and undressing as they move the little ones into the cold. However it is strange to have 60-degree weather in December.

On to a couple of thoughts. Yes I am again mentioning the Entertainment books. If you don’t know what they are, give a look at the half-price coupons for dining, movies, shopping and cleaning. Not a bad deal for a gift, either. One meal out and the book has paid for itself.

We have also been very fortunate to have a wonderful patron donate a Vermont Teddy Bear Co. basket. The bear is dressed in Victorian garb and is just beautiful. The goodies surrounding it are wonderful and the basket is lovely. This is a great gift for adults or child. Raffle tickets are six for $5.00 and who knows, yours might be drawn.

Now on to a question. Is it possible that many of you have forgotten to return library items? We have billing sheets of paper coming in from central site that are two to three inches thick. I know it is the holiday season and we are all busy but libraries are bound to follow through on overdue items. I know the calls may annoy you, but if you would just drive by and drop the items in the book drop, calls would stop. We don’t like calling, either. Oh well, please do the best you can.

Well this grinch has continued to read and some of the books are great. You may find one or two I mention pretty specialized and offbeat but still well worth reading.

Sarah Stewart Taylor continues her novels featuring Sweeney St. George, the art history professor who specializes in funereal designs in Still as Death. The earlier books had both great personal and historical information, as well as a good mystery. This time, though, the story was good and the mystery took a real back seat to the personal. Oh well, it was still interesting and a good read.

If you have not found Carol Lea Benjamin, perhaps you should. Her main character, Rachel Alexander, works as a private investigator, and not one of the eight previous novels has been a simple mystery. Instead they probe the depths. In The Hard Way, Dashiell and Rachel move between the high-end retail stores and the homeless in New York. There is no skimming here. Rachel becomes Eunice, a person who occupies a place among the homeless and as she searches, becomes almost one with this population. It may not be easy to take, but it is reality and a great story.

Don’t panic yet, there is still time to shop — say I who have done nothing for the Tennessee shipping. Have a great week.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.