We have now moved into the most hectic time of the year. I took one long weekend early in November and realized that I was now way behind in everything.

I swear the panic sets in earlier and earlier. I overheard people talking before Halloween about how they already have their shopping done for the holidays, but would never get it wrapped in time. Haven’t they heard of bags? Wrapping? What is that? I tell you, Santa never wrapped for good reason.

Bags are my objects of choice, especially when I can find extra tissue paper. Then my kids had to marry into families that wrap like the professionals with the matching paper, cards and homemade, extravagant bows that make the decorating professionals groan with envy. For a while I gave in and did some pretty good wrapping if I do say so, but not any more. It’s back to the old ways to save the trees and my fingers from the tape cuts.

Of course that means I must have done some shopping to have things in the bags, right? Wrong. That is not my happy time either until forced into it, hence the panic. Then add two grandkids with birthdays, one we celebrate on Thanksgiving and the other three days before Christmas. Let’s move on to the next thought.

Rumor has it that there may be a tree decorating time at the library. The Foundation thought a large tree in the big window might be pretty, so watch for news on that. The way things are going you are all keeping us so busy that decorating a tree is just not possible without help. Besides, it might be fun.

On to books and more.

Going with the season, all the holiday books, videos and CDs will soon be on display. Some of the fiction is only for a week since they are so small and so many people want them fast. I think we will use one of the big display tables downstairs for videos with CDs upstairs. Enjoy; it is such a short season that we hope you get what you want.

I know most of the shows are still in VHS. If you have the holiday DVD and want to donate some, we would love them.

If you want to escape the season, here are a couple of books to “take you away.” I got all excited when I saw that Mitch Albom had written a new book. I eagerly awaited the arrival of For One More Day and decided it would be my treat reading for the weekend. Wish I had not looked forward to it so much. Instead of a book that left you with some interesting thoughts like Tuesdays With Morrie or the Five People You Meet in Heaven, this left me wondering what all the hype was about. A child decides which parent he likes best. Does the child have to live with that choice when he becomes a thinking adult? Only if he chooses to. If the choice leads to loss of self-respect, change, don’t blame. I was left with no questions, nothing to think about. It was just a story and nowhere near as compelling as it could have been. Too bad.

Now for a real shocker; try Charlaine Harris’ series featuring Harper Connelly. What is Harper’s claim to fame? She finds dead people. Getting hit by lightning starts Harper on her very different occupation. Not only does she find dead people, she knows how they died. I am just not going to say any more. Start with the first one, Grave Sight, then move to the second, Grave Surprise. I have to admit this is one of the stranger stories I have read. Not really believable, but on the other hand, I have never been hit by lightning so what do I know? See you soon.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.