The residents of Methuen made sure their concerns and suggestion were heard at the master plan visioning workshops. At the end of the presentations they broke into smaller discussion groups and came up with the following suggestions.

Ways to protect natural resources: Land stewardship, raising funds, creative zoning, purchase open space, control residential development throughout the city and improving access to the Merrimack River.

Ways to improve recreation in the city: Make the Merrimack River a destination for boats from neighboring communities, combining playground use, putting lights on all athletic fields, build bike routes and an indoor playground with an ice rink and swimming pool.

Most improvement needed for community facilities: Upgrading or building a new high school, police substations, address the overcrowding issue in the entire school system, multifunctional, multicultural community center, building sidewalks throughout the city, a new center for the Arlington Neighborhood and building a visitors center.

Cultural and heritage areas that need protection, preserving and enhancing: Maintaining the role of historical planner to oversee projects, preventing the demolition of historical properties caused by neglect. Areas to preserve are the historical stone walls throughout the city, Sand Bridge, Grey Court, Organ Hall, Old Nevins Home and the landscape along the Merrimack River.

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