Sweatshirts to shorts and back again. Summer is reluctantly giving way to fall.

It seems strange not to see all the kids in the building early in the morning, but once the story hours begin even that changes. It appears that contrary to what some people thought, use of the library and all its resources is growing, not falling. I know we have broken records for Dracut in just the few months we have been open at the new facility. I wonder if it will continue now that school has started. When I look at information for other libraries though, it is obvious that people are reading. The number of books in circulation is amazing. It doesn’t look like we will be obsolete anytime in the near future anyway.

Now on to what is new.

I know the registration for voting in the state primary is over. However for those who need to register to vote at Town Meeting and in the November election, we now have the mail-in registration forms available at the library. When you come to get your card, get the form.

Another place to watch is the library Web site, You will see that the calendar of events covers what is happening in the library for all ages. It will also provide links to other sites, your own accounts and information on what the library has.

For those of you enjoying a little break before the next season starts, watch for the new books. This is the time the big-publisher push begins, so every author is putting out something.

J.A. Jance is one of those authors and she just doesn’t slow down. Neither does her main character, Sheriff Joanna Brady. Dead Wrong finds Joanne, nine months pregnant, still working a very tough schedule as sheriff. OK, so she might not be as fast running, but it certainly has not impaired her shooting ability or her brain. This time she needs both. Great series.

Sometimes as authors get more popular, the publishers start reissuing old works. That’s why you may think you have already read Luanne Rice’s Angels all Over Town. It was originally published in 1985. Not bad but her style and ability have definitely improved. Watch for the new ones.

On the other hand sometimes authors get bored with their series and try a new style. Iris Johansen did that just recently with Unexpected Song. It was a light read with only a touch of her darkness. The major characters are a woman with a glorious voice and a writer of glorious music. One is haunted, while the other very caring. Need I say more?

A series I missed at first is by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson. The Potluck Club Troubles Brewing evidently takes off where the first in the series stopped. This is sort of a rambling collection of people who interact in a multitude of ways — all very interesting, all individual but tied together. As long as you keep the strings separate, you will be able to follow.

See you soon.

Susan Schwarz is the director of the Moses Greeley Parker Library.