The Democratic Primary election is fast approaching and I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to be engaged. On Sept. 19, we all have the ability to make our voices heard in Massachusetts.

Every election is important, but we only get the chance to elect a new governor every four years. For many years, governors have not been getting the job done to solve our problems. I will always believe that with the right leadership and accountability with voters, government can get real results for people.

There is also a lot at stake in this election.

Massachusetts is a great place to live, but jobs are leaving the state. People are moving elsewhere because they can’t find an affordable place to live. The cost of just about everything is skyrocketing, including property taxes and utility costs. And too many parents are worried the American Dream is fading for their kids.

The next governor will have the opportunity to make real and positive change for the people of Massachusetts. And all of us have the responsibility to choose who that next governor will be.

Civic engagement has always been a strong tradition here in Massachusetts, and I hope it continues. Voting captures the spirit of what a democracy is all about.

I encourage you to take a serious look at the candidates and to choose who you believe is best for the future of our Commonwealth. It doesn’t matter which candidate you choose, but it is important that you exercise your right to vote. Even if you are unenrolled, you are able to vote in a Primary election.

I encourage everyone to vote in the Primary Election on Sept. 19, and again on Nov. 7.


Democratic Candidate

for Governor