PELHAM — Skate on, dudes. The Pelham skate park has dodged yet another bullet and will remain open.

On Aug. 24, Parks & Recreation Department Director Darren McCarthy threatened to close the park indefinitely if the year-old $55,000 facility was not pristine by Aug. 28.

In late March the park had been vandalized with graffiti, picnic tables had been destroyed, and park patrons were not following the posted rules including wearing helmets.

At that time, McCarthy advocated closing all of Lyons Park unless things changed drastically. The tide turned and things seemed to be going smoothly for most of the summer.

The kids came through, and cleaned up their act over the weekend to the delight of McCarthy, who said that a crew of inmates from the Hillsborough County House of Corrections only needed to spend 10 minutes cleaning up the park, mostly emptying trash barrels.

“The park is definitely open and I hope that it will stay that way until the snow flies,” McCarthy said.