METHUEN –There was a different kind of World Cup Soccer being played recently. The teams consisted of just two players per country and a goal meant you advanced to the next round.

On Friday, Iraq beat Brazil in the final round to capture the Cup.

World Cup Soccer was just one of the many activities available at Sport-o-Rama weeklong day camp, sponsored by the Methuen Recreation Department in conjunction with TTS Sports.

Timmy Therriault, who turned 7 on Aug. 27, said playing World Cup Soccer was his favorite activity for the week.

“It’s just so much fun,” Therriault said.

Kids ranging in age from 6 to 12 participated in activities such as kickball, flag football, baseball and World Cup Soccer. But the fun didn’t stop there.

Mike Fay of TTS Sports said adding activities such as Frisbee, kite flying and shipwreck only adds to the fun.

“They can win a dollar playing shipwreck,” Fay said. “I’m the captain and they are my shipmates. They earn points by following orders.”

Shipwreck can probably be best described as a more fun version of Simon Says.

Fay said the way to keep the kids interested and active was to change the activity every 45 minutes or so.

“They play touch football, baseball, kickball,” Fay said. “They fly kites and have instructional activities, such as dribbling a soccer ball and learning how to properly shoot a basketball.”

Fay knows if the camp is a success or not simply by how the kids react to the next activity. “When I see kids running to an activity, I know they’re excited and having fun,” Fay said. “And that starts with the coaches.”

Fay uses his staff from TTS Sports along with helpers from Methuen’s Recreation Department. Most of the coaches are in high school or college.

Cynthia Pak, 7, said she enjoyed attending the camp because she could play with her friends. “I had fun this week,” Pak said. “We got to play all week.”

During snack time, the kids would generally play amongst themselves. Whether it be playing monkey in the middle with a Frisbee or flying the space shuttle kite, the kids stayed active, even during their breaks.

Bill Pare, director of the Methuen Recreation Department, has thought about changing the name of the camp.

“We should have called this camp, ‘Fun-o-Rama.'”

Either name would work. There were plenty of sports and there was plenty of fun had by all.

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