We thought after the first week that the novelty of the new building would drop and things would get slow again.

That’s not happening, folks. You keep coming back to see what new things we have added and take out more. This is wonderful.

I looked back in the records to when we were last on this site and so far, we are way ahead of everything. Keep coming, keep asking for things and we will keep adding.

One thing I do recommend is that you start putting holds on the items you want before they are on the shelf. If you hear or see a book, like a new Nora Roberts or W E B Griffin or another author, ask how to request it early. Then the books will stay here and all our patrons can get first in line.

Anyone will show you and as soon as we are on our feet. When the printers are all hooked up and the general direction we need to go is established, we will start classes for anyone needing help. It’s easy to do once you know how.

Now you have asked for books to read and recommendations. I will try, but as you know, I don’t recommend what I have not read and my time has been somewhat curtailed between building and family.

Amazing how kids grow up. I thought watching my own was amazing, but oh boy, watching grandchildren, nieces and nephews take the next step is scary. Recently we watched three different age groups make great cultural steps. It doesn’t really matter what that step is — religious or cultural. For those involved, it is important. The pride on the faces of the families and friends involved and the love that surrounded these kids was amazing. It didn’t matter if the child was 5, 8 or 22, the same pride and love surrounded them.

I guess what my mother always said is really true. No matter how old your children, they will always be your child. Their peers see them as playmates friends or adults, but you see them as the child they were, lovable and still in need of advice, protection and help. They see themselves as self-sufficient and able to cope with everything — until the bottom falls out, then they know where to go.

Look for the new Karen Robards book called Vanished. This is not one for the faint of heart nor is it one that is easy to read, but boy do you turn the pages. Sara’s 5-year old was kidnapped years ago. She never really recovered from the loss, but pulled herself together and continued with her work. Why now is she hearing special music, getting phone calls and finding messages? What is happening in her life that would cause this to happen?

Different people have different ideas on the cause. Some think it is due to one of her cases. She is after all connected to the county prosecutor’s office working on a highly charged case.

Robards is getting better and better at creating characters that keep you involved.

Looks like I was on a roll with one type of book but if you like to sit on the edge, look also for Lisa Jackson’s Shiver. The title is on the mark. The book also has some pretty strong characters that attract the reader and hold their attention. The first chapter goes back a few years to the death of a young woman. Then we become involved with the family in the present day and strange murders that don’t seem connected but are definitely staged. Things escalate until, as in all stories, light dawns on the reader and the detectives.

Both books are considered “hot” right now and would be upstairs in the “hot” shelf area.

See you soon.

Susan Schwarz is the director of the Moses Greeley Parker Library.