Word is out on the street is that we will soon be moving.

The word is correct.

We have no set date as yet for the move, nor do we know when we will be opening to the general public at the new site on Arlington Street. We do know that the majority of the work is now being inspected. If there are no major stumbling blocks, then we will move on to the next step, which is the elevator. If that passes inspection, then the building is cleaned and we start moving in the furniture. Once that is done, we begin work on the collection.

Now on to other matters: reading materials. You will be able to take out materials before we close to keep you going. We are not asking that boxes and boxes go out this time though, since we need to know what we are putting on the shelves. What you need is what you will take out, and it will be due when we reopen. Again, not a problem as yet. We will give you the three-weeks notice so all your materials can be returned on time before we close.

Just do us a favor now and if there are materials that you have out that are overdue, please get them. Just so we can clear up the data and move with clear knowledge of what we have and what is out.

For those of you looking for books this week, try one of these.

Have you ever wondered how Henry VIII managed to get around being married to Katherine of Aragon? There are so many different stories but none really center on this one woman who took part in such a public change to the culture of a country and is as enjoyable as The Constant Princess. Philippa Gregory, who has gone behind the scenes for her great stories (The Other Boleyn Girl for one) brings us a new Katherine, the young girl who lost her love at an early age and became the center of a controversy that never really ended. Married and widowed by 15, then remarried to Henry VIII after facing quite a series of questions, Katherine remained true to her vows at all costs. Very interesting reading.

Lilian Jackson Braun has another in the very, very long running Cat Who series, and they really can no longer be considered mysteries. As light and folksy reading, Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell is the latest in the series. You will get exactly the same as the book before. For those of you searching for animal-driven mysteries that are really involved, just ask, we have plenty.

Greg Iles however is again on the hot-item list with Turning Angel. Boyhood friends with secret lives, a young woman with her life cut short, blackmail, a man driven to succeed and a private school filled with everything a parent dreads. Not one you will put away without thinking.

In the private school scene that appears to be the new “suspense” venue, Michele Martinez sets her latest mystery. The Finishing School is not a simple story of kids in school. It begins with a suspicious death and evolves into an exploration of New York nightlife that will leave you with some questions. Again, it’s highly reserved so be ready to look.

Well, we will see you here next week. Till then have a good time and keep reading.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.