Middlesex Community College makes it easy to upgrade your education and skills with these noncredit courses.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATE: Learn how to feel comfortable, confident and creative in classrooms that may change daily or even hourly. Gain hands-on interactive experience in classroom management through role-play and group work. Learn techniques for maintaining an attentive audience and gain understanding of the environmental differences in elementary, middle and high school classrooms; (12 hours). Course CE 2600 30; 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Feb. 11-25, Bedford Campus, Room HH-109; cost: $199.

REAL ESTATE SALES: We have partnered with American Real Estate Academy to provide the 24 hours of classroom instruction needed to take the state real estate exam. License may be used for either residential or commercial property — sales or rentals. No prior real estate knowledge needed. Must be 18 and complete a state-approved course to be eligible for a salesperson license. Textbook provided. Bring notebook, pen and highlighter to each class. This course is not eligible for waivers or vouchers; (24 hours). Course CE 2731 30; 6-10 p.m., Feb. 14-March 21, Bedford Campus, Room BH-109; cost $245.

FINANCIAL SECURITY DURING RETIREMENT: In three sessions, this course will cover important financial strategies critical throughout your retirement, including information and tools to combat inflation, minimize taxation, allocate assets and select investments to maximize the strength of your portfolio. Nonfinancial aspects of retirement, such as self-image, use of time, and housing choices, will also be considered. Topics such as Social Security, long-term care insurance, new IRA distribution rules, and estate planning also covered; (9 hours). Course CE 5083 30; 6-9 p.m., Feb. 16 -March 2, Bedford Campus, Room HH-115; cost $79.

PHOTOGRAPHY I: Want to learn how to take better photographs? Have fun learning photographic principles such as exposure, lighting, composition, camera usage, choice of film, lenses and other photographic equipment. You will learn the art of portraiture, landscape and still-life photography. A 35mm camera is required. Cost of materials is additional and may vary; (21 hours). Course CE 7150 30; 6-9 p.m., Feb. 21-April 11, Bedford Campus, Room HH-210; cost $189.

WRITING FOR COMICS: Comics aren’t just for artists. Join us and learn the basics of how to write for comic books. Topics include script format, story structure, writing the proposal, protecting your work, and marketing the script; (10 hours). Course CE 7162 80; 6-8 p.m., Feb. 21-March 21, Lowell Campus, Room LC-111; cost $99.

FAST TRACK II COMPUTER APPLICATIONS CERTIFICATE: Do you have a basic understanding of MS Office applications, but want to learn more? This certificate is a project-based program that will enhance your knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. The project-based learning will allow you the opportunity to produce a portfolio for yourself and prospective employers; (42 hours). Course CE 3425 80; 6-9 p.m., Feb. 21-May 23, Lowell Campus, Room LC-201; cost $599.

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