DRACUT — Attending any professional sporting event nowadays can cost more than $100 for the entire family, but the Lowell Lock Monsters have figured out a way to put fans in the stands on Feb. 17 for an affordable price, $10 each.

Brandon Malone, ticket account executive for the Lock Monsters, is conducting a contest between the Brookside and Greenmont Ave. elementary schools to see who can sell the most tickets for the game against the league-leading Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Penguins.

“We decided for this particular game we wanted to bring in a lot of groups,” Malone said. “We are all about family fun and we want lots of kids screaming and having fun at this game.”

The school that sells the most tickets will receive a cash prize of $500 and both schools will receive a portion of their ticket sales.

“It’s fun for the schools and all get to attend the game,” Malone said.

Brookside Elementary attended a game earlier this season, selling 149 tickets. Jayne Conlon said it’s an exciting time for the school.

“It was so thrilling the last time,” Conlon said. “Louie (the Lock Monsters’ mascot) came to the school and everything.”

Conlon said Brookside might have a slight edge over Greenmont because the student body is greater.

Michelle Piatelli said Greenmont has under 270 kids, but can hold their own with ticket sales. Greenmont sold 133 tickets last year.

“We do this every February, usually during school vacation,” Piatelli said. “Maybe we can get more people since this is actually before the start of vacation. Maybe people won’t leave until Saturday.”

Malone said if the past is any indication, he is expecting about 150 tickets or more sold from each school.

This is the first year the Lock Monsters have held such a contest between two schools.

“We opened it to a lot of schools,” Malone said. “But Dracut seemed the most open to the idea.”

Conlon said it’s a great idea.

“I think it’s kind of neat because the kids know each other,” Conlon said. “It’s also neat to go against the other school in town.”

Piatelli said facing Brookside is a challenge but not out of the question for Greenmont to win.

“It would be great. The $500 would mean a couple of more buses or a couple of field trips,” Piatelli said. “So, I guess you could say, it wouldn’t be bad to win.”

Either way, which ever school wins, they both earn money for their school and get to attend a great hockey game.