We are continuing toward the finish line, folks.

There had to be some changes made, but finally the contractor is on site and so are all the subs, working to get the inside of the new library up to what is wanted. I can only hope that you will like what we have done. It is hard to get things that you have only visualized in your mind into reality. Sometimes it is just right; sometimes there needs to be some tweaking.

First we will get the big things done — the heating, boilers, walls and windows — then we will start on the inside. Once the punch list is started, we will know we are on the way. Believe me, folks, no one wants to be in that building as much as we do, and even though the move will be long and a bit harder than the move out, we will do our very best to be ready.

One good thing about the tardiness of the move is finding out about any leaks, problems and things that need changing. One window developed a pressure crack. It can easily be replaced while no one is in the way. Hope that other problems surface now, not later.

As the rain falls instead of the snow, and the weather is warmer than normal, who is complaining? Well, the ski slopes are hurting from what I hear but around town, the roads are clear and we are just marking the winter days off the calendar. Mud season is early. Maybe spring will be as well. I can hope. In case you don’t know it, I can’t warm up to the cold. I don’t mind it really, but the driving in snow is just not to my liking.

Now about the hot items. Already we have had someone return them to another library. This is not allowed. The book must be returned to this library on time. For books and audio books, that is one week. For DVDs and CDs, it’s three days. We will charge you for the delay in putting the books onto the shelves if you return it to another library.

The object of this collection is to keep the most popular items in the hands of the readers, not in the inter-Library Loan bins that can take a week to reach their home destination. Think about it. You take the book out here on Jan. 6, return it to Lowell on Jan. 13. It did not reach us until Jan. 18. You will be charged for the days it was not in someone else’s hands.

Feel free to put holds on the other books in the collection. We have copies that can be out for the three weeks. Please, for your own sake, follow the rules.

If you are looking for some reading, try one of these.

Maggie Sefton, an author new to my pile of books, brings her real-estate agent Kate Doyle into another “situation.” Real estate people often enter lives at a pivotal point, some good, some not so happy, as in Dying to Sell, where a divorce mandates the selling of a home. There is some informational presentation here but for the most part, it is character-driven and the door is open for a sequel for sure.

Judith McNaught is almost synonymous with mystery/romance and has a huge following. Every Breath You Take might increase her following; it certainly won’t decrease it. Everything you want in a romance with tension is here, like a long-lost or tossed-out son who of course makes his millions before he is reunited with his wealthy family. There’s also a lovely damsel in distress, an irate relative, kidnapping, seduction and a neat ending. Go for it.

See you soon and keep reading. It’s good for you.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.