METHUEN — He’s a senior at St. John’s Prep, but five days a week Seth Graham also hosts from his basement a 15-minute radio show he describes as “news, talk and pop culture — with a fresh perspective.”

With the aid of a computer, the 17-year-old tapes his show before he leaves for school in the morning.

Graham created a Web site in 2002 when he graduated from eighth grade to fight summertime boredom. In 2004, when the Podcasting craze came about, he knew wanted a future in broadcast journalism and decided to do his own newscast, he said.

“I think it starts with the desire to want to do something new with the news out there,” Graham explained. “You watch the news and the media, and you want to bring something new to the table. The thing about Podcasts is anyone can do them if they want to — from me all the way up to people on CBS and ABC who are now putting out Podcasts.”

So then it began – the launch of The Seth Graham Show.

“I went online, got some news reports, summarized them in my own way, grabbed a microphone and just started talking away,” Graham said. “I added a little commentary and then later on started adding in my own unique features.”

Some of the features Graham added are new movies hitting the theaters on Fridays and DVD releases every Tuesday.

“It’s a whole collaboration of information I look for in a newscast I put together on my own,” Graham said.

An avid fan of FOX TV’s The OC, Graham always does a preview of each Thursday night episode. Last Thursday marked the return of his beloved show, so he made sure he spent some time talking about the lives of Marissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer. Hearing that Anna, Seth’s (the character, not Graham) former girlfriend, would be returning the show left Graham with mixed feelings about the impact of her return.

“The Seth-and-Summer relationship is one of the best they have on TV right now,” Graham said. “I would hate to see that broken up.”

Ironically, Graham never liked his first name until he was introduced to Seth Cohen.

“I didn’t like the name Seth because I knew no one had it,” Graham explained. “Then all of a sudden this pop-culture phenomenon starts up and there’s this character named Seth, so I’ve appreciated my name more, and I think I relate to the character a little bit.”

Aside from giving news and OC updates, the Web site features an archive of the past 10 shows.

Graham said he has received feedback from all over the world.

“I’ve gotten e-mails from people around New England — Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont,” Graham said. “But, I’ve also gotten e-mails from people in Maryland, Arkansas and California, along with e-mails from England and Australia from listeners who enjoyed what they were hearing.”

Graham said he welcomes the feedback.

“They tell you they appreciate what you’re doing and also they give you some advice,” Graham said. “This is how I feel you learn — to have listeners give you advice to help improve yourself.”

After graduating this spring, Graham hopes to attend college in Boston to earn his degree in journalism. Among his college choices are Emerson College, Boston College and Boston University.

Graham primarily hopes for a career in television.

“This past summer I volunteered at Methuen Community Television,” Graham said. “And I’m working now as a volunteer reporter on Methuen Now, which is a show we put out every few weeks.”

Graham said that his time at Methuen Community Television has allowed him to practice his role in front of the camera as well as behind it.

“They have many different training classes, so I’ve learned how to host a program as well as produce and direct a program.”