THE VALLEY DISPATCH, New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch is making the right move by seeking ways to reduce the state’s dropout rate.

Lynch recently visited Pelham, the community with one of the Granite State’s lowest dropout rates. There he said the loss of even one or two students before graduation is too many. He’s right.

In some New Hampshire communities, as many as 20 percent of students drop out of school. Many are lured by the thought of a weekly paycheck, but that paycheck is unlikely to increase without a high-school diploma, trapping residents in a life of near poverty.

Lynch is wise to push for more vocational programs, internships and mentoring to encourage kids to complete their education.

In Methuen, the reins of government are being transferred to Mayor-elect William Manzi, who sensibly selected former Mayor Dennis DiZoglio to head his transition team. DiZoglio was the city’s mayor from 1994 to 2000 and certainly knows the Methuen well.

The rest of the transition team brings equally impressive credentials and knowledge. This, along with Manzi’s pledge to keep the lines of communication open, promises to bring a smooth change in leadership.

Speaking of transitions, it can be difficult to switch from the working world to being a stay-at-home parent. The loss of adult conversation alone can be isolating.

Dracut mother Kim Grimes joined the Pelham MOMS (Mothers Offering Mothers Support) Club in 2004 and recently started a Dracut chapter. Members and their children get together for conversation and activities, a great idea for area moms interested in finding new friends for themselves and their youngsters.