League: Merrimack Valley Conference.

Record Last Year: 17-4.

Returning Starters: Bob Murray, sr., 140; Shawn Fendone, sr., 189; Seth Lattrell, sr., 145; Mike Chory, sr., 130; Dan Burke, sr., 215; Alex Shea, jr., 160; Andy Regan, jr., 275; Mike Leavitt, so., 171.

Returning Lettermen: Sean Arthur, sr., 152; Mike Farragher, so., 112; Brian Gerow, jr., 135; Ray Proia, jr., 125.

Promising Newcomers: Najib Saliba, jr., 119; Darwin Almonte, so., 140; Brendan Dowling, fr., 103; Dan Chory, fr., 103; Shane Jowett, fr., 125; Roger Matar, jr., 145.

Coach Dennis King (15th season): “We should be solid. From 140-pounds up we’re pretty experienced. From 135-pounds down we’re pretty green. We’re really strong up top.”


League: Merrimack Valley Conference.

Record Last Year: 20-3.

Returning Starters: Craig Hanley, sr., 152; Peter Nolin, sr., 135; Mike Taddeo, sr., 152; Alex Garabedian, jr., 145; Artie Notini, jr., 160; Shane O’Donnell, jr., 160; Matt Rahming, jr., 130; Mike Ludwig, so., 125; Ryan Oliver, so., 112.

Returning Lettermen: Ricky Coppola, so., 160; Pat Notini, so., 171; Monish Shah, so., 112.

Promising Newcomers: Colin Sweeney, fr., 103; Andy Sutherland, fr., 160; Fabrizio Demari, jr., 140; Chris Lago, jr., 215; Kosta Gregory, so., 171; Peter Stanford, fr., 215; James Midgely, fr., 275; Phil Georgeoulis, fr., 103.

Coach Bob Rudolph (33rd season): “We’re going to have a lot of new kids in our lineup. They have talent, but it’s going to take time.

“The league should be tough with the usual suspects, Lowell, Chelmsford and Central Catholic up near the top of the standings.”


League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference.

Record Last Year: 13-6.

Returning Starters: Matt Stamp, so., 103; Brendan Marchand, so., 112; Jennifer Moore, so., 119/125; Kevin Papa, jr., 125/130; Anthony Kennedy, sr., 125/130; Justin Sutherland, sr., 135/140; Chris Williams, so., 125/130; Scott Fuller, jr., 135/140; Nick Baccardi, so., 135/140; Pete Volis, sr., 152/145; Craig Long, jr., 145/152; Ricky Garthe, jr., 152; Pat Downs, sr., 160/171; Steve Garneau, sr., 160; John McNeil, so., 171; Adam Clancy, sr., 171/189; Kevin Harriss, sr., 215/275; Tom O’Brien, jr., 135/140; Tyler Meegan, so., 140.

Promising Newcomers: Craig Georglous, so., 140; Zach Desrochers, sr., 215/275; Mike Gregory, fr., 275; Alan Matthews, jr., 160; Ryan Fuller, fr., 112; Dave Ventrillo, fr., 119; Mark Hall, fr., 119.

Coach Tom Cassidy (9th season): “We’re pretty solid. We have a lot of starters returning. We should be pretty decent.”