What can I say? We are not any closer to giving you a date for the opening of the new library in Dracut, but it certainly is looking great from the outside.

Inside, the dust is everywhere and slowly, very slowly a few things are getting done. Keep watching. It will happen, but not this week.

What I do know is that books are coming in, and I probably should point a few out to you before they disappear into the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium with other books on hold.

Fun reading returns with Marne Davis Kellogg and her great jewel thief Kick Keswick. Perfect continues the successful recovery of jewels by Kick, who enjoys reversing the role she used to play. This time she is trying to recover the crown jewels stolen from the Queen of England — again remove realism and have run.

Nora Roberts is another author off the beaten track to look for. An author many love and many hate, Roberts has a new book. Blue Smoke is different than her series, better plotted than her usual stand-alones and one you may want to look for. Roberts is getting better and better at developing her characters. How she continues to grow when most authors begin to rest at this stage I don’t know, but it is interesting to watch her progress. In Blue Smoke, the reader is very able to make connections far faster than the characters. We sit and read in a few hours what takes Reena years to live. How easily can one forget what happened as a child. It depends on what happened to you I would imagine. As a child Reena watched her family business burn. It solidified her desire to become a firefighter. We watch, sort of, from the corner of the picture as she grows in her profession. What she doesn’t realize, but we do, is that she is surrounded by danger.

Interesting and so far, I have heard no complaints from readers. You give it a try and let me know.

Have a great week and keep reading.

Susan Schwarz is the director of the Moses Greeley Parker Library.