VALLEY DISPATCH CONTRIBUTOR, The article “Dracut’s Gas Plant Still In The Dark” failed to explain the following reasons why nearby residents were so opposed to it.

The proposed power plant would drop more than 500 tons of waste pollutants into the community each year. Nearly 20,000 gallons of ammonia would go out the two stacks unused, further contaminating the air. Waste pollutants would fall onto homes, pools, yards, crops and children.

Hazardous toxic chemicals and waste would be trucked to/from the power plant two-three times a week, imposing additional danger to families and schools.

Those include increased Merrimack Valley cancer deaths over the past 10 years, breast cancer deaths up 50 percent, prostate cancer deaths up 100 percent, bronchial and lung cancer deaths up 30 percent, and the incidence of pediatric asthma are far in excess of state norms, largely due to existing poor air quality in the Merrimack Valley. We need less pollution, not more.

The plant would produce noise at nearly 80db in nearby neighborhoods, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, equivalent to a motorcycle riding up and down the street continuously.

Area homeowners would incur significant property-value losses.

The financial agreement was flawed and residents shortchanged. The 20-year term and the fixed payment amounts were inconsistent with state requirements.

The electricity produced at the plant was to be for export to other states and countries. Our community gets the pollution without benefit of product or services.

Abandonment of the project was the right thing to do. Any attempt to resurrect it should be opposed.