BY SUSAN SCHWARZ , The pumpkins are on the porches with their grinning faces, the goblins and ghosts are getting ready to walk the streets and fall is really here.

Now, we have had rain, we have had cool weather, but unless something happens between today, as I write and when you read this, the impatients and other summer flowers are still in the gardens and the leaves are still pretty green on the trees.

I still have some lightweight clothes in the closet and have not yet brought in the house plants. OK, by this time we usually have had the first real frost and are working on raking like crazy. I have not a clue what is causing this weather and in all honesty, I am not sure I do want to know. Maybe it’s because we are building a new library. People said it would never happen but as you know, it is on its way. Unfortunately a little slower than we had hoped, but it will finish someday. Maybe the pig with wings in my front yard will fly first, or snow will dot the landscape but we will open someday. That I know.

Remember though, it is not our property so please bear with the wait and we will manage.

It won’t be long before we’re asking those who said they would like to help wipe down books for their help. We don’t want to wait until it is too late or until it gets too cold to work in Harmony Hall, so expect a call in a short while if you left your name with us. In the meantime, take out a book or two and relax, you know what lies ahead and you need all the rest possible.

OK, for those of you looking for a few strange books, I have at least two for you that I have to admit I have not seen before. First, we have Charlaine Harris and her new series-to-be, which features a woman called Harper who “finds dead people.” This I quoted from the blurb. OK, I read the blurb and decided what the heck so I read the book called Grave Sight and you know what — she does find dead people. She is hired by someone to find the body of a person who is missing and presumed dead. She can “see” how they died but not — in this book anyway — who killed them. Needless to say there are a few skeptics, a few who fear her and a lot who simply don’t want her around. Interesting concept for a new book on the block but not a new author.

Next up is the new one by Susan Kandel called Not a Girl Detective. Now this will date you but if you remember reading the Nancy Drew series years ago, you may also remember that Carolyn Keene was supposed to be the author. Since the books were written by a syndicate, however, supposedly for years no one knew who the authors really were. Are we on the same page? If the supposed author Carolyn Keene doesn’t exist, why then would anyone write a biography of her? After that, let us assume that like me, you tossed the reality concept and buy into the whole picture. What lies ahead in this book is a writer with a closet filled with vintage clothes, an insatiable need for information about Nancy Drew books and of course involvement in murder. What else is new? This book is for sure. It was amusing to read and definitely will not give you nightmares, but will fill you in with all sorts of things about Nancy Drew.

Susan Schwarz is the director of Dracut’s Moses Greeley Parker Library.