Waiting game continues for opening of new Dracut Library


Sorry folks, we are not — I repeat — not ready to open the new library. , Though they are having a wonderful time putting the outside to rights and the exterior looks pretty good, the inside is another matter. As with all projects, there are glitches and they are awaiting the fixes. , Right now, no one wants in more than we do and believe me, we are trying to get ready to move in but bear with us. Even when we close these doors and start the move, putting 60 computers together — we have to do that ourselves — then loading correctly more than 80,000 items first into the right place then onto the right shelves in the right order is going to take time. We are trying but, as you know, substantial completion includes safety issues and there are some pretty scary places right now.
It will happen and we will all celebrate together. Treat it like you would the holidays, even though there are presents and you know it, they just have to sit there until the right time. Maybe baking a cake is also a good analogy. If you take it out too soon, it will flop and you will have to start again. That we do not want. I’d rather wait until it is really ready for everyone.

Just so you all know, we have a job opening for a part-time maintenance person at the library. The job description is at Town Hall in the Human Resources/Veterans services office. So if you know of anyone who might be interested, tell them about it. Work won’t be too hard and the hours are staggered. It does require sidewalk snow removal as needed during the winter though, so some days will be harder than others.

Now the books here are still coming in and circulating, so keep track.
The Widow of the South is a title that stops your browsing right away, if only to find out what it has to do with the contents of the book by Robert Hicks. When the blurb introduces Carrie McGavock as the woman with 1,500 soldiers buried in her back yard, you do want to find out if she’s responsible. Is she related to any of these men and why the title? I could tell you but I won’t. That is up to you to read and find out.

The word plague is enough to send people for medical references and believe me after reading Gregg Keizer’s Midnight Plague, you will definitely hope that this is fiction. World War II biological weapons, disease and all sorts of plots and counter plots. Enjoy.

Would you like to meet the “most fascinating flawed espionage figure in years”? If so, according to the reviews, pick up Sleeper by Gene Riehl. I quoted right from the blurb for that comment but really, this is a strange one with a lot of twists and turns.

Have you found Nero Blanc? Actually, the author is really two people who enjoy working crossword puzzles and decided to write books mixing the crosswords puzzles with, of course, murder and it works. A bit lighter than some of the fare coming out and fun for anyone that likes to think. Another Word for Murder is a nice read.

Since you are waiting for the new library, why not visit us here at the Lakeview Junior High School and take out a book or two that will help pass the time. We are open the usual hours and it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep reading. We’re also now open on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
Susan Schwarz is the director of the Moses Greeley Parker Library.