By Jamie Haroutunian Question: I bought a 3-year-old used car. After I drove it for a year, the wheel basically fell off the car. I have a quote of $2,500 to fix the wheel and the resulting damage to the car's body. What are my options?

Answer: Before digging into your pocket, check the recall history for your car's make and model. You may find a recall for wheel-related deficiencies -- which went ignored by the car's former owner. The cost for your repairs may be covered.

Follow these steps:

1. Search recall history online: With a few clicks on any auto manufacturer's website, you will find a search screen. Enter your car's VIN number (found on your car's registration). Here you will find detailed information about all recalls affecting your vehicle. A Carfax report will also provide recall history.

2. Call manufacturer: Work out details of your repairs and confirm they are covered under the recall terms.

3. Visit your dealer's repair shop, or possibly even a private repair shop.

4. Don't forget to ask about temporary transportation. Recall repairs may provide coverage for loaner cars.

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