LOWELL -- The Sun submitted a request to the Lowell School Committee this week to re-evaluate the release of executive session minutes and documents related to the termination of former Superintendent of Schools Salah Khelfaoui.

The committee previously met on Jan. 16, and declined to release the minutes, according to Assistant City Solicitor Hannah Pappenheim.

In March, Mayor William Samaras said the School Committee agreed to meet three months after its January vote to again discuss releasing the minutes. On Wednesday, Samaras said this meeting will likely be scheduled within the "next couple of weeks." Samaras said he supports the release of these minutes.

The Sun previously submitted a public records request for the minutes and other documents in December, which the City Solicitor's Office denied in March stating the minutes could be held from public disclosure "as long as publication may defeat the lawful purpose of executive session."

The Sun appealed this denial to the Secretary of State arguing the public's interest outweighs any privacy concern. This office referred The Sun to the Division of Open Government within the Attorney General's Office.

On July 18, the Lowell School Committee voted 4-3 to start the process of terminating Khelfaoui. About a month later, the Lowell School Committee drafted a letter listing the reasons for Khelfaoui's termination during executive session, which has never been released.


The termination process dragged on for months amid negotiations with Khelfaoui. During this process, the embattled superintendent said he would "most likely" sue, though no case has been filed. Finally, on Nov. 14 a still split committee voted to terminate Khelfaoui.

The newly filed request asks for the same documents as the previous request, citing state open meeting and public records law.

It includes:

* Minutes from executive sessions regarding Khelfaoui since July 16, including first draft handwritten minutes

* A request for a copy of the August letter listing the reasons Khelfaoui's termination

* Copies of the letter and exhibits delivered by Khelfaoui's legal representation in November

* Any email correspondents between Khelfaoui or his legal representation and the School Committee, or its legal representation

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