There are stripers everywhere -- you just have to put in a bit of time and you are going to score. That is the word from every checking station I heard from this week. I have to say the cooler than usual water has kept the stripers right around the Piscataqua River where plenty of shorts and keepers to 40 pounds are keeping the anglers busy.

NORTH SHORE: Herring that spawned up river are now back by the thousands and the bass are feeding on them. Up here there are few blues to push the bass away so the mackerel are also in the mix. Rye, Seabrook and the Hampton Beach areas are making new fishermen veterans with plenty of shorts and keepers. Here there are a few blues mixed in. The Merrimack River has bass to 37 pounds at the mouth to the refuge. Cut bait for the surf fisherman, cut bait and live bait will work for the boater. Boat traffic is heavy so beware and use the life jackets on your vessel . Off shore the tuna bite has slowed. The party boat captains are starting to find more keeper haddock of late, larger pollock which means fuller coolers.

BOSTON HARBOR: Deer Island has been the best place of consistency for stripers and black sea bass. Hull Gut has flounder and some great stripers because there is a ton of pogies there and you can catch a few live pogies, put them in a cooler and live-line them or even fish them dead. Hull, Long Island, Lynn Harbor, Nahant and Thompson's have been good all week for big bass and now blues.


Just outside of B Buoy the ground fishing has picked up for cod to 24 inches and haddock. The Boston boats are not fishing a lot of tuna right now either. This might change as the ocean flattens out from the recent storms.

LOWELL VICINITY: The Nashua River was giving up some 4-pound bass on live bait. But the rain brought the river up and the temps down so the fish might be in shock for another day or so. Try this river again Sunday. Flat Pond gave up 13 bass to a local angler who asked I not reveal his name but said the fishing was great just before the storm. The Squannacook has cooled and the fishing has picked up.