The cast of veteran players for the perennially-strong Billerica High lacrosse team: Front, from left, Jeff Trainor, Drew Laundry, Tim Herrick, Jamie
The cast of veteran players for the perennially-strong Billerica High lacrosse team: Front, from left, Jeff Trainor, Drew Laundry, Tim Herrick, Jamie McLaughlin, Rob Lowe. Rear, Dan Lynch, Ed Stokes, Kevin Casey and Dave Rogers. SUN/BOB WHITAKER

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League: DCL Large

Last season: 18-5 (lost to Lincoln-Sudbury Division 1 East semifinal)

Returning starters: Hunter Arnold, Sr., attack; Max Emond, Sr., attack; Joe Cormier, Sr., midfield; JT Kelly, Jr., midfield; Chris Wiggins, Sr., midfield; Gabe Cormier, Jr., defense; Austin Wolf, Sr., defense.

Other returning lettermen: James Goguen, Sr., long stick midfield; Jack Gilligan, Sr., midfield; Drew Deleo, Sr., midfield; Joey Biggins, Sr., attack; Bryan Sweeney, Sr., midfield; Peter Hatch, Jr., attack

Promising newcomers: Sean Crimmins, Jr., goalie; Sam Witt, Fr., midfield.

Coach Pat Amendollia (7th season): "We have a lot of returners and a great senior class. Team speed is a highlight of what we can do. We are very fast, we like to run. The core of the defense is back. I think we are very well-balanced."


League MVC Division 1

Last Season: 16-7 (lost to Lincoln-Sudbury in Division 1 East quarterfinal)

Returning starters: Drew Laundry, So., attack; Danny Lynch, Jr., attack; Jeff Trainor, So., midfield; Kevin Casey, Jr., midfield; Jim McLaughlin, Jr., defense; Eddie Stokes, sr., long stick midfield

Other returning lettermen: Tim Herrick, Sr., midfield; Carl Piacenza, Jr., midfield; John Bossi, Sr., goalie; Rob Lowe, Sr., midfield

Promising newcomers: Derek Laundry, Fr., attack; Devin Derosa, Jr., attack; Jared Einason, Jr., attack; Jordan Bolarinho, Sr., midfielder; Justin Beck, So., midfield; Dean Brooks, fr.


, midfield; Anthony Milano, So., defense; Dave Rogers, Sr., defense; T.J. Reale, Sr., long stick midfield; Tyler Canto, So., goalie.

Coach Craig Flynn (5th season, 8th season overall): "We have a young team that is working hard. We're excited about what these guys can accomplish this year. We're excited to see how they get better as the season goes on."


League: Middlesex League Freedom

Last season: 8-10

Returning starters: Dom Persetti, Sr., defense; Ryan Doherty, Sr., defense; Billy Poirier, Sr., attack; Nikko D'Eramo, Jr., midfield; Chris Demartinis, Jr., midfield; Danny Blase, So., midfield.

Other returning lettermen: Chris Oakes, Jr., long stick midfielder; Bobby Silva, Sr., defense; George Tsitsopolous, Sr., defense; Ian Kriger, Jr., goalie.

Promising newcomers: Tom Lyons, Jr., attack; George Balian, So., attack; Xavier Hardmon, Fr., attack; Tommy Hanafin, So., midfield; Nick Carlino, Jr., midfield.

Coach Dan O'Brien (2nd season): "We have a lot of returners on the back end, including in goal. We have some depth in the midfield, we are young in attack. We graduated a lot of our scoring, so we are looking for guys to step up. Top to bottom, I think it's as good as any league in the state. You have Winchester, Reading and Lexington, then you factor in Woburn. We are playing a great non-conference schedule, with lots of good tests."


League: MVC Division 2

Returning starters: Brendan Carey, Sr., attack; Jake Kampner, So., goalie; Jeff D'Auria, Sr., midfield; Evan Stone, So., attack; Ryan Fahey, Jr., midfield; Jason Arnaud, Jr., midfield; Brad Kruger, Sr., midfield; Chris Robinson, Sr., defense; Mike Russo, Jr., defense; Jon Morse, Sr., defense; Matt Daley, Sr., defense; Matt Thomas, So., midfield; Pat Couillard, Jr., defense; Kyle McQuaide, So., midfield.

Promising newcomers: Jake Murphy, Sr., attack; Pat MacDonald, So., attack; Dean Trahan, Jr., attack; Jake Green, Fr., attack; Andy Robinson, So., defense; Jack Gump, Fr., defense; Connor Wooster, Jr., midfield; Cam Turner, So., goalie; Sean Grant, Jr., attack; Sean Riley, Fr., midfield; Delaney Driscoll, Jr., defense; Alex Freker, Sr., midfield; Andrew Thayer, Fr., midfield; Nick DeSilvio, Sr., goalie; Nick Krupyshev, Fr., midfield.

Coach Tom Gallagher (16th season): "We are young in all starting spots, as far as varsity experience is concerned. We are very talented as a group, skill-wise, but game experience is where we are lacking. It will have to be learn-under-fire for a lot of these guys. I think we will compete and surprise some teams."


League: DCL Small

Last season: 13-6 (lost to Wellesley in Division 2 East first round)

Returning starters: Andrew Kieler, Jr., goalie; Will Blumenberg, Jr., attack; Sean Morahan, Sr., attack; Austin Hoey, So., midfield; Jack Barrett, Jr., midfield.

Other returning lettermen: Steven Armanetti, Sr., attack; Tommy Standish, Jr., attack; Aidan Cyr, So., midfield; Scott Brazina, Sr., midfield; Ben Aley, Sr., defense; Blaine Taylor, Sr., defense; Gabe Kussin, Sr., long stick midfield.

Promising newcomers: Aidan Long, So., goalie; Patrick Crowley, So., defense; Chilly Sample, Jr., long stick midfield.

Coach Tom Dalicandro (14th season): "Senior Nick Brozowski, our long stick middie, will miss the entire season because of an injury from hockey season. He was a first-team All-American last year and will play at Maryland. That's a lot of groundballs that we need to replace. We are sort of trying to start from there, and Kussin and Sample are trying to take that mantle. I think we will be very competitive. The DCL Small is loaded, and so is the DCL Large with L-S, A-B and Westford."


League: MVC Division 2

Last season: 4-14

Returning starters: Zak Gentile, Sr., midfield; Dan Conlon, Jr., defense; Douglas Gooden, Jr., defense; Steven Maxim, Jr., attack; Owen McAnespie, Sr., attack; Bradley Bettencourt, Jr., defense; Brian Schiavi, So., goalie; John Sheppard, Jr., attack; Adam Gorby, Jr., defense.

Other returning lettermen: Payne Bougeois, Sr., midfield; Jonathan White, Sr., defense; Ricky Beckwith, Jr., midfield; Chad Morrocco, Jr., midfield; Kyle Maxim, So., midfield; Donavan Ly, Jr., midfield.

Promising newcomers: Joshua Couple, Sr., midfield; Nick Wojtas, Sr., defense; Josh Lerman, Jr., midfield; Devin Regan, Jr., midfield; Brian Smith, So., midfield.

Coach John King (2nd season): "We are very young, with only three senior returning starters. I am looking for this team to work hard every day to be fundamentally great and mentally tough. I would like to compete at a high level every game. In the MVC Division 2, Tewksbury seems to be the team to beat with the core of the team returning from last year's winning team. Central and Haverhill are also improved and Methuen is a new program that is going to get better every year."


League: CAC Large

Last season: 3-16

Returning lettermen: Jack Cornellier, Sr; Dakota Redding, Sr.; Joey Giroud, Sr.; Jake Kelley, Sr.; Joey Schlaich, Sr.; Corey Goodwin, Sr.; Ryan Dunn, Sr.; Kyle Normandin, sr.; Nick Bridge, Sr.; Chad Belley, Sr.; John Richer, So.; Robert McNamara, So.; Mat Mallahan, So; Pavel Auguste, Jr.; Jacob Smith, Jr.; Matthew Kennedy, Jr.; Brock Martin, Jr.; Dan Kitchens, So.; Tomas Nardelli, Sr.; Matthew Bowers, Jr.

Promising newcomer: Zack Hamilton, Fr.

Coach Paul Feeney (2nd season): "We are a young team, and a relatively new team. We need to get better and better each day and make sure the kids work hard. We have a very experienced defense, but we are young at goalie."


League: Mid-Wach A

Last season: 12-10 (lost to Grafton in Division 2 Central quarterfinals)

Returning starters: AJ Dufrense, Sr., defense; Quintin Forbes, Sr., midfield; Austin Hourani, Sr., midfield; Tristan Lynch, Sr., midfield; Myles Markham, Sr., long stick midfield; Zach Cotoni, Jr., attack; PJ Kendall, Jr., goalie; Ryan Dodge, So., attack; Nick Irby, So., attack.

Other returning lettermen: Justin Cole, Sr., midfield; Ryan Heinser, Jr., midfield; Shane Dawson, so., midfield; Danny Howes, So., defense.

Promising newcomers: Joey Stewart, Sr., defense; Jack O'Neil, Fr., attack; Ryan Doody, Sr., defense.

Coach Rick Arena (9th season): "We have a lot of guys returning, our entire attack and the first line midfield is back. We look really promising. Quintin Forbes is a preseason All-American and will play at Bentley University. Austin Hourani is a reliable scorer. We have two wide-open positions at defense that need to be filled."


League: Mid-Wach B

Last season: 17-3 (lost to Algonquin in Division 2 Central quarterfinals)

Returning starters: Ryan Sorbella, Sr., defense; Charlie Napoli, Sr., defense; Ned Gruskowski, Jr., defense; Cam Zambarowski, Sr., midfield; Brendan Burke, Sr., midfield; Cam Bush, Sr., midfield; Nic Hudson, Jr., midfield; Jack Hambelton, Jr., midfield; David Peterson, Jr., midfield; Ben Taylor, Sr., attack; Kyle Leonard, Sr., attack; Greg Lizotte, Sr., attack.

Promising newcomers: Chris Bales, sr., defense; Ben Church, So., defense; Tristin Lelievre, midfield; Griffin Shoemaker, midfield; Anthony Rausa, midfield; Peter Sojka, midfield; Eric Rauker, midfield.

Coach Mike Blanchard (3rd season)


League: MVC Division 1

Last season: 5-15

Returning starters: Nick Cohan, Sr., attack; Jerry Barnes, Jr., attack; Aidan Conlon, Jr., attack; Brett Gallagher, Sr., attack; Jack Galvin, Sr., midfield; Will Fokas, So., long stick midfield; Alex Quintero, Sr., midfield; Tom Smith, Sr., defense/long stick midfield; Tom Machado, So., defense; John Healy, Sr., defense.; Sean Keough, Sr., goalie.

Other returning lettermen: Phil Yount, Jr., midfield; Brandon Kinney, Sr., midfield; Kelvin Savanhmixay, Jr., midfield; Aaron Donovan, Sr., attack; Jacob Hickey, So., midfield.

Promising newcomers: Devin Melendez, So., midfield; Jack Gallagher, Jr., midfield; Kyle Milliard, Sr., midfield; Zach Noel, Sr., midfield; Pat Witts, Sr., attack; Mike Mehan, Jr., attack; Chuck Nagbe, Sr., midfield; Dan Larocque, sr., defense; Mark Hong, Sr., defense; Walter Zacharer, So., defense; Tyler Doucette, Fr., goalie.

Coach Paul Francoeur (1st season): "We have a large senior class, there is a lot of leadership. We're getting some young players coming up through the program that know what they're doing. We have some talented athletes. Our goal is to qualify for the state tournament. It's been four years since we qualified."


League: CAC Large

Last season: 11-10 (lost to Leominster in Division 2 Central preliminary round)

Returning starters: Jordan Gingras, Sr., goalie; Ben Hoenshell, Sr., midfield; Nick DeSalvo, Sr., attack; Dave Marchessault, Sr., attack; John Young, Sr., defense; Ben Coppinger, So., attack.

Other returning lettermen: Mau Pau, Sr., defense; Jake Gray, Jr., midfield; Charles Cummings, So., long stick midfield.

Promising newcomers: Jake Twombly, So., midfield; Zach Casper, Jr., midfield; Bob Dumas, So., defense.

Coach John Paolilli (5th season): "This is the fifth year of our program. This year, we are setting our sights on a trip to the vocational playoffs. A lot of the guys came into this season having worked out in the offseason. With the addition of interest in the team from students, we have been able to pick up speed, as well as skill. Confidence is high."


League: Mid-Wach A

Last Season: 2-16

Returning starters: Brendan MacCarty, Sr., goalie; Mike Carson, Sr., defense; Paul Naumann, Sr., defense; Ryan McCarthy, Jr., defense; Tyler Zech, Jr., midfield.

Other returning lettermen: Cam Clermont, Jr., long stick midfield; Trevor Murphy, Sr., midfield; Matt Desrosiers, Sr., midfield; Miles Massida, Sr., midfield.

Promising newcomers: Dan Nelson, Sr., attack; Matt Nelson, Sr., attack; Ryan MacDonald, So., midfield; Corey DaSilva, So., attack; TJ Melanson, So., midfield; Joe Kiluk, So., long stick midfield.

Coach Paul Giacobbe (3rd season): "This year we look to try to play fast and push the tempo in transition. We have some young talent that we are hoping will contribute right away. Led by experience on the defensive end and in goal, we hope to be able to compete with anyone and try to squeeze out some wins at the end."


League: CAC Large

Last Season: 15-6 (lost to Catholic Memorial in Division 2 East preliminary round)

Returning starters: Joe Bumbaca, Sr., defense; Jim Derochers, Sr., defense; Kevin Vacca, Jr., goalie; Jack Peacock, Jr., midfield; Tom Avtgis, Jr., midfield; John Reynolds, Jr., midfield.

Other returning lettermen: Josh Bouley, So., midfield; Bach DeLuca, So., attack; Jack Stone, So., attack; Donovan Ryan, jr., goalie/ midfield; Jon tower, Jr., defense.

Promising newcomers: Jake Nardone, Fr., midfield; Jason Colletti, Fr., midfield; Matt Steele, Fr., attack; John Stokes, So., midfield.

Coach Chuck Baker (9th season): "We are very young, we have only two seniors. We only have seven guys in the junior class that have any experience. We have some talent and they are eager kids to learn. Defensively we are fine, goaltending is a strength. Our weakness is a lack of experience at attack."


League: MVC Division 2

Last season: 16-5 (lost to Arlington in Division 2 East preliminary round)

Returning starters: Johnny Aylward, Sr., attack; Mike Brawley, Sr., goalie; Dan Donovan, Sr., defense; Kevin Dick, Sr., defense; Tim Donovan, Sr., midfield; Colin Quinn, Jr., attack; Tom Casey, Jr., midfield.

Other returing lettermen: James Sullivan, Jr., midfield; Jimmy Hirdle, Sr., midfield; David Dempsey, Sr., attack; Brandon Hibner, Sr., midfield; Alex Schelfhaudt, Jr., defense.

Promising newcomers: Luc Surete, So., long stick midfield; Scott Pascorello, Jr., midfield; Sean Brady, Jr., midfield; PJ Wild, Jr., midfield; TJ Contelonis, So., defense; Mark Gorman, So., attack.

Coach Joe Ginsburg (3rd season): "I think the potential is pretty high. We lost a lot of talent, but we also have kids who started very young. Our seniors have been on the varsity team for three or four years now. Our midfield is a lot deeper than it has been. I think James Sullivan will have a breakout year. Aylward is all-conference. We lost two starting defensemen, so that is where we'll need some help at first."


League: Mid-Wach B

Last season: 14-6 (lost to Westboro in Division 2 Central first round)

Returning starters: Justin Maher, Sr., attack; Ben Foley, Sr., midfield; Austin Coene, Jr., midfield; Aistin Escott, Jr., mnidfield; Mike Wagner, Sr., defemnse; Dave Walker, Sr., defense; Russ Gilli, So., attack.

Other returning lettermen: Coby Alexa, sr., attack; Dylan Kirby, Sr., midfield; Mike Gillis, Jr., midfield; Zach Martin, Sr., midfield; Scott Camacho, Sr., goalie; Matt Sola, So., midfield.

Promising newcomers: Kyle Butler, Sr., attack; Kyle Laforge, Fr., midfield; Joe Callahan, So., midfield; Brendan Bartlett, So., defense; Austin Castagno, Sr., goalie.

Coach Kyle Brady (1st season): "I ran the JV last year and we are keeping a lot of the stuff the same. The battle for the goalie spot is ongoing, and competition is good. We return our top two scorers and we have some strong all-around athletes."


League: DCL Large

Last season: 14-9 (lost to Xaverian in Division 1 East first round)

Returning starters: Ryan Hesseltine, Sr., attack; Jay Drapeau, Sr., attack; Sam Frackleton, Sr., midfield; Ryan McNabb, Jr., midfield; Ben Rodman, Sr., midfield; Shane Kilday, Jr., midfield; Will Puduski, Sr., defense; Josh Hoock, Jr., defense; Evan Beatty, Sr., long stick midfield; Alex Antes, Sr., attack; Peter Hargrave, Sr., goalie.

Other returning lettermen: Tim Curran, Sr., attack; Brendan McNabb, So., defense; Derek Beatty, So., defense; Cooper Hargrave, Jr., attack; Kevin Enos, So., midfield; Mike Walsh, Jr., midfield.

Coach Matt Tholander (3rd season): "A-B and L-S have been the class of the league. We are just trying to compete in the DCL. Having such a tough conference makes you have to take it game by game. It's a veteran group, a lot of returning starters. The level of concern is thinking that you're too good. The kids have really bought in, and they're working hard."