LUNENBURG -- The New England Patriots organization invited the Luneburg High School footbal team to tour its Hall of Fame in Foxboro on Tuesday after hearing the Blue Knights were forced to forfeit their Thanksgiving Day game amid the racist graffiti controversy.

Stacey James, the vice president of Media Relations for the New England Patriots, confirmed the visit Monday afternoon, saying when they heard about the scrutiny the team was under last fall, the organization wanted to do something to unite them.

On Nov. 15, Andrea Brazier the mother of an eighth-grade student who played in the Blue Knights football program reported to police that she discovered racist graffiti on her home. Brazier and her family initially pointed her finger at the team, and said her son was repeatedly the target of harassment by team members all season because of the color of his skin.

Days later, Superintendent of Schools Loxi Jo Calmes forfeited the high school's Thanksgiving football game against St. Bernard's Central Catholic High School.

The town held a rally in support of the family, but in early December, the case took a dramatic twist when the team was cleared and Brazier was named as a suspect.

In an affidavit, police said she refused to cooperate with investigators, made false statements and misled police.

"Back in December we extended an invite to the team to come down and take a tour of the hall at Patriot Place," James said.


"There were some extraordinary circumstances here. We just wanted to extend something for them to do as a team."

The Worcester District Attorney announced this month that no charges will be filed at this time against Brazier, but the case remains open and the DA's office will review any new evidence that comes in.

Head Football Coach Steve Boone did not immediately return a message seeking comment Monday afternoon.

Athletic Director Pete McCauliff said he knew about the trip but was not a part of the planning process.

"I don't know exactly how it came about. I found out about it a week ago or so," he said. "They don't run everything by me when they're doing stuff off season."

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