DRACUT -- Radio station producers enjoy eating in restaurants and restaurant chefs enjoy listening to the radio.

That works out nicely for lifelong Dracut resident Tim Bomil, who produces Saturday morning radio for WCAP 980 AM in Lowell and logs in some 50 hours per week as a chef at Owen and Ollie's restaurant in Dracut. There, he is the assistant to the kitchen manager, who is also the executive chef.

The 27-year-old son of Virginia Corcoran and Dracut Public Health Director Tom Bomil completed an intense one-year training program at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2004. He's been navigating local restaurant kitchens since he came on as a cook at the Sports Zone almost 13 years ago.

In the control room at WCAP, Bomil is becoming increasingly more comfortable behind the producer's microphone, exchanging good-natured barbs with "Saturday Morning Live" host Warren Shaw and frontman Tom Duggan.

And when does he find time to pursue other interests and hobbies that vie for his attention?

"I have a lot of other things I love to do like golf, skiing, snowboarding and fantasy football, but I make it a point to only have one hobby a season," says Bomil.

It was Shaw, in fact, who gave Bomil his first radio gig shortly after Bomil's graduation from CSB.

"He went out of his way to give me an opportunity to work with him," Bomil says. "And I love it. I just love it.



Q: What job, radio producer or chef, do you plan on pursuing?

A: "I think it's important that I pursue both careers as much as possible. My working at Owen and Ollie's and at the radio station is a good way to get my name out there because eventually I'd like to have my own place -- a restaurant or a sports bar. (WCAP weekday morning host) Teddy Panos is a good example of what I see myself doing some day. He's on the radio every day and has a successful restaurant (Athenian Corner) right downtown."

Q: As a chef, have you ever come up with any concoctions?

A: "Back at the Sports Zone, when I was the kitchen manager, I came up with a few ideas that got on the menu. Nothing really weird or strange. Right now I do all the duties of the kitchen manager except for building a menu. I'm not quite there yet but with time I will be. I'm not saying I'm incapable of building a menu but that's not my primary focus because that's not my job. But I do play around with some desserts and some dishe, and I won't say I haven't made a special dinner for a female companion now and then."

Q: Every now and then, radio listeners hear your voice, throwing your two cents into a heated discussion. Would you someday like to be the guy doing the interviews?

A: "Absolutely. I'm getting more and more comfortable behind the microphone. Just watching Warren and Tommy I've learned that the thing that makes a good talk-show host is the ability to ad-lib. The more I see others do it and the more I inject myself into the on-air conversations, the better I get. The more confident I get. I've had the opportunity from time to time to read the news and sports at the top of the hour. It's important to be informed, and if your not informed these guys (Shaw and Duggan) have shown me you can fake it so that you look like you are informed."

Q: If you were the president of the whole world what is the first thing you'd do?

A: "Do I say bring the troops home or do I say bring peace to the Middle East or fix the struggling economy? None of those things. I'd fire the commissioner of baseball and take over. I'd fix everything that is wrong with major league baseball, the Boston Red Sox and guaranteed contracts."

Q; What's at the top of your bucket list?

A: "I'd like to play a foursome on a U.S. Open golf course with Tiger Woods, Bill Belichick and me and my dad."