Strong leadership requires that decisions be made based on what is best for those you represent and not what your personal political gain may be.

I am proud and honored to have served with integrity as Dracut's representative on the GLTHS School Committee by working hard and being fully committed to these principles. Thank you to all the Dracut voters who supported me. Anything can happen in an election and we came up just short this time.

GLTHS faces immediate challenges.

The GLTHS addition and renovation project is currently ahead of schedule and under budget; however, critical decisions still need to be made as the renovation stage of the project commences in full force.

Funding for schools has been flat and priorities need to be established to continue improved student performance amid cuts that will be inevitable with reduced funding.

Increases in expenses such as generous health-insurance benefits continues to outpace by far any marginal increases in school funding, which will decimate school programs if not fully addressed now.

I wish the School Committee well in facing these challenges on behalf of our kids who attend GLTHS and the communities they represent, and I congratulate Mr. Espinola on a well-run campaign.