Food Q&A

The Washington Post

Excerpts from a recent online chat with food writers at The Washingon Post.

Q. I find it impossible to use up fresh herbs before they go bad, especially cilantro and flat-leaf parsley. I've heard that they don't survive being frozen. Is that true for all herbs, or just the more leafy ones? Any suggestions appreciated.

A: The best way to freeze many types of herbs, in my opinion, is to blend them with oil to make a paste, and then to freeze that.

Q: I love to roast broccoli florets but end up throwing away the stem. I'm sure I am missing out. What do you do with it? I am thinking to finely chop it, cook it in olive oil and add to a risotto. Any other ideas?

A: Jacques Pepin is always peeling broccoli stems and slicing them for stir-fries. I like the sound of your plan, but I guess I'd peel them first, too.