TEWKSBURY -- Town Manager Richard Montuori knows what he's looking for when he hires Tewksbury's first appointed town clerk this spring.

"Someone like Denise," Montuori said. "It's her. She's the ideal candidate."

Elected in spring 2011, current Town Clerk Denise Graffeo will be the last person to hold that position because she got voted into office.

A Special Town Meeting vote, 78-58 in October 2011 and accompanying home-rule petition turned the position into an appointed one, effective at the end of Graffeo's term.

Montouri said having a town clerk hired by the manager, and directly responsible to the manager, creates greater accountability.

The home-rule bill passed in April 2012 gave Tewksbury's town manager the power to suspend, remove or otherwise discipline the clerk, like all other department heads.

Graffeo had been assistant town clerk for three years when she ran in 2011, successfully unseating then-Town Clerk Mary-Ann Nichols.

Graffeo said she's already submitted an application for the position, which was posted last Wednesday.

"I think in the last three years, we've made a lot of improvements to the way that the office operates, and I'm looking forward to continuing that work," she said.

The job, with a salary ranging from $69,160 to $84,059, will be posted until Feb. 12.

Graffeo's salary is $69,160 this fiscal year.


The position requires at least an associate's degree in business or a related field, plus five years experience in town government, or "any equivalent combination of education and experience," according to the posting.

Applications are at www.tewksbury.info or at the town's Administrative Services Office at 464 Main St.

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