They have been batting around beach balls since they were 2 years old. At 3, they started whacking waffle balls in the back yard. From there, they moved onto T-Ball, Rec baseball and Travel Baseball. For the last five years they played in tournaments, Districts and States but the goal all along was to play for the Dracut Dirt Dog Cooperstown Baseball Team.

It took a lot of effort to make the team. Some took private hitting lessons, others worked out with the high school coach and a few enrolled in camps, but they all spent hours of time honing their hitting, fielding, catching and throwing skills on their own. All their diligence paid off as the Dracut Dirt Dogs played admirably against 104 teams from across America at the recent Field of Dreams Cooperstown 2013 Tournament.

The Dracut boys won three games, including two in the playoffs and faced some stiff competition along the way, including a one-run loss game to the #2 seed team from California.

Every one of the Dirt Dogs contributed to making their baseball dreams come true, from the home run hitting of Kyle Hould, Cam McCullough, Jeremy Gray, Joey Petka, Matt Robichaud and Kevin Carney to the fine pitching of Michael Patterson and Matt Sideman. Derek Ripa played gold-glove defense all week with Peter Sawyer, Brad Keefe and John Cormier coming up with some huge hits.

This talented group of young men has been a joy to watch throughout the years and we all look forward to seeing them perform on the field again next year. Great job guys!