I've seen that the Obamacare website contract was given to a company based in Toronto. All the unemployment in this country and we can't hire a U.S.-based contractor to receive the $390 million-plus contract.

Being a software and Web designer who was without consistent work for three years, I feel this is the ultimate outrage besides the fact that the site doesn't work. Our tax dollars at work in foreign countries while we grovel for any job we can get.

I suggest that you and all the people running the people's government resign from the positions we the people allow you to occupy for all the damage you have done. I sat here silent as many attacked your positions along with those of others in the government, naively thinking they had my back.

Turns out greed drives this country and not the needs of we the people. Banks brought us to our knees and we bailed them out; they then turn around and build their business on exorbitant fees. They don't build their interests by investing the money we gave them into people and business, but fuel themselves on the fees, thus grinding our economy to a crawl because of no investment into it.

Oil companies make tens of billions in profits every quarter by raising prices. I know stock investments drive the price, but don't tell me they aren't inflating prices beyond the stock prices. This again slows the economy, raising the gross prices on every item sold.

Nothing is done to stop this rampant abuse of we the people.


I know many were hit hard by the recession, and I can only recount my trials during this time. Out of work for nearly three years, with back taxes, I am trying to pay back but almost certainly will not. I lost my home because one bank (BoA) refused to honor a negotiated refinance from the lender they bought the loan from. I had a serious deterioration of my health because I couldn't afford the insurance, and took loans from shady lenders to stay afloat, which caused a deterioration of my family, as I couldn't provide adequately for them. I have wiped out my pension trying to put food on the table, gas in my car and oil in my furnace.

This is only the tip of it, Mr. President, and I'm sure I am not the only one the banks and greedy politicians put in this position. We are a joke internationally as politicians try to position themselves for the presidency by holding us hostage with a shutdown. The Russian president will probably get a Nobel Prize for his part in Syria, while again making us look like fools.

It sickens me to think that the most powerful and richest country in the world can neglect We The People and provide for everyone else in the world. How has the most powerful man in the most powerful country taken us to the brink of becoming a second-class nation?

I know you will never read this or change your ways, but I feel better getting things out and hopefully others can rise up so that one voice can become a couple, then a few and finally many.

Kevin Regan