Lola has been missing since September.
Lola has been missing since September.

Our cat Lola went missing one Sunday morning in September. She went out like she usually did and we haven't seen her since.

At first, we put out some flyers to a few neighbors and the condos are behind our home, in hopes someone might have seen her. That same day, we received calls from two people in the condos saying Lola was definitely there on the sixth day, but by the next morning was gone.

So we broadened our scope with more flyers and many more people started calling to say they had seen Lola. One woman named Lisa who spotted Lola in Richardson's farm on her way to work, turned around and drove to CVS to get our phone number from the flyer that she had seen there the night before. She told us she used to do animal rescue and wanted to help with finding Lola. So we walked fields and woods and sometimes drove, following every lead, but still could not find her.

Another woman, Sandy, called twice to say how sorry she felt and that Lola must've been a very special cat because she saw flyers everywhere. She said she would pray for Lola's safe return. Sandy called again several weeks later asking if she could stop by my house and take a flyer so she could keep an eye out for Lola herself.

A woman named Linda said she had caught her own cat by using a have a heart trap and she wanted me to borrow her trap to see if maybe I could do the same with Lola.


Linda called again during the Christmas holiday, not because she need the trap back but because she wanted to know how I was doing and if I had had any luck in finding Lola.

I've come to realize how helpful and kind people can be in the time of need. People love their pets and when they hear about someone losing or missing a pet, their hearts go out to them. Losing a pet is devastating and searching for a missing one is exhausting.

In the summer of 2009, I became very ill, was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was bedridden for five months. During that time, Lola was a constant companion. How much more loyal could a cat possibly be? That experience I feel, brought us even closer than we were before, she certainly is and will always be dear to my heart. We have not giving up hope and continue with our search.

Currently, a woman named Jan has been helping me, although lately the calls have slowed down. We have heard stories about cats missing for months, and sometimes even years, that suddenly they return home. We've found out that many times people will feed stray or lost cats, take them in and even adopt them. If you have Lola or know of anyone who has her, please contact us. Lola has been ours since she was five weeks old and needs to come home.

She is smoky gray, has thick medium length fur, four gray paws and her belly and the tip of her chin are white. She weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. and her eyes are yellow and sometimes can look green. There is a reward for her return.

Thank you.

Ellen and Jim Skrekas