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By Zoe Malliaros

I certainly love wearing heels and wedges, but there's nothing like flat sandals in the summertime. They keep your feet comfortable, your toes cool and they can be worn with anything. Wear them with a dress, jean shorts, a romper, anything. I just purchased a new pair and I'm super excited to wear them. Although I can hear my mom saying "you don't need those" over and over in my head. You're right, mom... but hey, they're very stylish and when was the last time I could resist a pair of shoes with a little sparkle? What's really good about flat sandals is that they come in all sorts of designs with pretty add-ons and many types of patterns. Also, there are a countless amount of materials that sandals can be made of. Flat sandals are a perfect summer staple, and like I said, they have so much variety. They're an easy style to work into your summer wardrobe.

See the simplicity of these sandals? That's why they're so easy to work into just about any outfit. WIth a tiny design or twist -- literally -- one is much different than the other. No matter what the color or design though, I promise a pair of summer flats will never disappoint you. They're fun, they're fashionable and they're foolproof. You won't be tripping in these babies! Yes, that was a jab at heels. I like my flats. But in all seriousness, indulge, my friends. Sandal season only lasts so long.

Cheers to chic footwear.

xx, ZM