This is a pretty basic summer look, especially for those of us always on the go.
This is a pretty basic summer look, especially for those of us always on the go.

By Zoe Malliaros

My summer uniform is simple, and this year I've fallen in love with something new -- skirts. I've always loved to dress up, and a daytime skirt has become my best friend. It's dressing up without dressing up. It's good to add a little flare, even if the color is solid. A fun skirt looks great with simple tops and tees, especially for keeping it casual. What's not to love? This outfit is most definitely my unofficial work uniform.

I chose a plain, neutral tee because the white stands out, especially with my tan legs. Plus, I usually dress more on the simpler side of things. I was hopelessly searching through my closet this morning (at the last minute) not knowing which shoes to wear. At first, I thought the white would be too much with the skirt, but the beige top strap (also the platform and heel color) definitely evens it out. It's my first time in these sandals/heels, and I'm over the moon. It also helps that they were 60 percent off at Saks. Anyway, I accessorized on the lesser side like always. A pinkish nude clutch was the centerpiece of my accessories, accompanied by my Ray Bans that I never take off, gold bangles and pearl earrings. The minimal accessorizing was meant to match the simplicity of my look.

This is a pretty basic summer look, especially for those of us always on the go. I have to look stylish at work, so it's fun to get dressed every morning. It certainly wasn't a complicated look to put together, but I'd say it's chic.


You can do so many things with simple pieces in your closet. Find a funky pair of pants or shoes or discover skirts like I did. I made going into a new season, this summer, exciting by adding several skirts to my wardrobe and changing up my style. Find your new favorite piece! It doesn't have to be something totally out of the box, just a new staple that will change up your look, maybe help your style be less predictable.

So, where can you buy such pieces? I've had luck with J.Crew, Bloomingdales, James Perse, Saks, Saks Off Fifth (the outlet store), Brandy Melville and Gap. VINCE and Rag & Bone also have incredible basics/staples, but they're priced a little higher, but very sharp and chic. If you shop around enough, you'll find what you're looking for and you'll stumble upon new things to try, and who knows, you could find a whole new style.

Now it's time for me to go skirt around town.

xx, ZM