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By Zoe Malliaros

So, I have this obsession... It's $25, and it's pink. Can you guess? If you said a pink gel manicure, then you're right on the money. I delved into the world of gel manicures last year, and now they've become a way of life. They're durable and last for upwards of three weeks, still looking full and fresh. I'd say a gel mani is a great investment for just about any woman. If you've gotten one, you're nodding right about now. This summer, your nails should be rocking all shades of pink. Nude, fuchsia, hot -- any kind of pink. It's a lively color that looks good with sunshine, and looks great with a tan.

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink."

In addition to matching this season perfectly, pink is girly, something we all like to be from time to time. It's fun, young and, well, it's pink! 'Tis the season for being bright and fun, so jump on the gel manicure bandwagon and give it a try. I promise it will last long and the color pink will have heads turning. It's one of summer's best and most flattering colors, so why wouldn't you want it at the tips of your fingers?

I'm sure you'll spot me at the nail salon sometime soon.

Think pink!

xx, ZM