By Zoe Malliaros

If Karl Lagerfeld gave sneakers the seal of approval, that's a sure sign that you have to work them into your summer style. The trend is splattered all over popular sites, Who What Wear and Pinterest, and even across Vogue and Harper's Bazaar spreads. It's surely a comfortable alternative to heels or narrow flats, and that's a perk we're all looking to take advantage of. The sneaker trend is hitting hard and it's time for you to give it a whirl.

And, back to basics we go. Whether it be a pair of Keds, Converse Chucks, Supergas (pictured) or a high-end brand sneaker like Prada or Chanel, they're must-haves for those who love to keep up with current trends. At Syracuse, Supergas are a hit. They're often paired with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, colored pants and all kinds of shorts. They come in a variety of colors, too, which makes it easy to find a pair that can match your style. It's the same deal with Chucks. They're great for day-to-day and super popular. In the fashion world, both brands are gaining speed. They're seen on bloggers like Blair Eadie, The Man Repeller (she has a collection with Supergas), Rach Parcell and more. These chic ladies are pairing sneakers with all sorts of outfits: with boyfriend jeans, day dresses, skinny jeans/colored khakis and skater skirts. Like I said, they're a great alternative to uncomfortable heels or squeezing into a pair of sweaty flats.

If you're wondering where to pick up your new kicks, I've got the right places.


The Nordstrom shoe department is a great spot, and personally it's where I thrive. You can't go wrong with Bloomingdale's either. Both stores have a great selection of Chucks, Keds and Supergas, and also have a higher end selection if that's what you're looking for. Even Nike has some fabulous sneakers for day-to-day chic, and can be found at those places. Look where you usually shop, and if you have no luck, check out Nordy's or Bloomies. I'd be surprised if you didn't leave with a pair (or two). Happy shopping, and remember, this trend is Karl-approved, so it's a must.

Back to basics.

xx, ZM