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MINNIE Eucalyptus

The delights of spring -- daffodils, sunshine, iced coffee -- are arriving right on schedule, and we've got just the thing for the season. Shake off the cold-weather blues with Warby Parker's Spectrum Sun Collection, a straight-from-your-daydreams crop of nine new styles, all priced at $95. Can you say perfect? The collection debuted March 18, and has been picking up a lot of speed for the shades' great shapes, colors and sizes. The sunglasses are truly a fantastic summer staple, and complement any face.

For maximum color, Warby Parker outfitted Minnie in Eucalyptus and Hall in Whiskey Tortoise with the debut triple-gradient lenses, featuring three rich colors exclusive to the company. That added punch is all the better for the extra hours of daylight ahead. (Dean, Piper, and existing favorites in new hues will see you through nicely too.)

The Spectrum Sun Collection is available at Warby Parker retail locations and online at Spring and summer are bound to be pretty sunny, so don't want until the last minute to get the perfect pair of sunglasses. Warby Parker has a stellar reputation and the glasses are made of great quality. A pair of sunglasses from the Spectrum Sun Collection is definitely a good buy, and well worth the $95.

Enjoy the sun!

xx, ZM

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