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Zesty's in North Chelmsford

In 1981, a business called Zesty's was bought by Ted Rokas and his father, who came to America from Greece some years before. Although Rokas' wife, Susan, hated the name, the family voted and the men won -- Zesty's stayed Zesty's. The popular pizzeria was a booming business originally on Boston Road, followed by its move to Fletcher Street in 2009. Due to the high demand of residents in North Chelmsford, Rokas and his two sons took over Chelmsford House of Pizza and opened another Zesty's in Vinal Sqaure in December while they kept the Fletcher Street shop running. The owners of Zesty's, Ted Rokas Sr., Teddy Rokas Jr. and Daniel Rokas, tried to make their new location as similar as possible to the first.

Zesty’s owner Teddy Rokas of Tyngsboro
Zesty's owner Teddy Rokas of Tyngsboro
The kitchen might be smaller at Vinal Square, but the dining area is two floors. They are now able to reserve the downstairs for parties, accomodating around 40 people. The restaurants share similar color schemes and murals, coordinated by Susan Rokas. Zesty's on Fletcher Street continues to thrive, and the new location has had good business since opening.


The Rokas family has worked together to make Zesty's successful. Ted, Teddy, Daniel and Susan are the only family members active in the business, but that does not mean they do not know their staff. Zesty's has employees that have worked there for more than 10 years and some even 25 years.


"The people that work here genuinely care. I have a lot of confidence in our staff," says Teddy Jr., who goes back and forth between locations.

As for customers, Zesty's often sees familiar faces as their regulars always return for more. They're also gaining more fans especially in the new location.

Zesty’s delivery person Scott King of Stoneham, who also helps out in the kitchen, grinds cheddar cheese.
Zesty's delivery person Scott King of Stoneham, who also helps out in the kitchen, grinds cheddar cheese.

The popular Zesty's menu has stayed the same in both locations. The restaurant offers a variety of pizzas which are made by placing the dough base in a pan, giving it a thicker crust than most Italian pizzas. The most popular is the classic cheese, but the Syrian pizza is also loved by many. A little more healthy, the latter is made with a wheat wrap or Syrian bread.

Zesty's also offers other dishes like steak tips, salads and a popular Mediterranean wrap made with a whiter wheat wrap filled with baby spinach, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, sliced olives, cucumbers and specialized with hummus. Zesty's focuses strongly on fresh ingredients along with a high level of quality control, and Butcher Boy in North Andover provides very high quality meat. The pizzeria also offers gelato for dessert.


Pizza costs from $4 for individual sizes to the $17 Zesty's special. The steak tips are $11 while other dinner plates vary from $6 to $11. You can get a large gelato for less than $4.

Zesty's Pizza is located at 14 Fletcher St. in Chelmsford (978-256-8863), and 10 Vinal Square in North Chelmsford (978-221-6568). Visit for information and coupons.