Million Dollar Arm stars Jon Hamm
Million Dollar Arm stars Jon Hamm

Nine thoughts, in honor of the merciful start of baseball season.

  • 1. If you think Jerry Remy is blameless in his psychopath son's actions, consider: his salary (that you're essentially paying for by watching games) will go towards paying for a high-priced lawyer who will defend a serial abuser who was found covered in blood with his dead girlfriend Jennifer Martel right next to him. He needs to go.
  • 2. Hollywood's been getting back into the baseball movie game in the past few years, ranging from the great (Moneyball), to the mediocre-and-cheesy (42), to the God-this-is-awful-what-is-JT-doing-in-it (Trouble with the Curve). Million Dollar Arm, which comes out in May, tells the true story of a sports agent (played by handsome could-be sports agent Jon Hamm) who held a contest in India to find the next great pitching sensation.


    It's a Disney film, so expect a family metaphor, a feel-good ending and at least one montage set to a Creedence song.
  • 3. I don't watch The Good Wife, but I do respect it. Despite the latest not-very-well-received twist, it seems to be the one network drama that not only thinks of itself as more than that, but that actually delivers on that ambition.
  • 4. Tough break for Muppets Most Wanted, which despite decent reviews did a disappointing $16.5 million at the box office last weekend.
    Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
    Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
    Maybe adults weren't as nostalgic for the Muppets as they were three years ago, or maybe they were all just too busy finding out what the word "divergent" actually means.
  • 5. The Lowell Summer Music Series needs to find a way to get Lady Lamb the Beekeeper to open for someone (Neko Case?) this summer. She's a pint-sized singer-songwriter from Maine with a killer Fiona Apple-Janis Joplin hybrid voice. She's on tour with Typhoon, a band that has like 18 people on stage at once and still can't manage to rock as hard as she does.
  • 6. As an excellent season at Merrimack Repertory Theatre comes to a close, I'd like to give kudos to the set designers that enhanced the experience immensely all year.
    Piñata, the new collaboration album between Freddie Gibbs and Madlib
    Piñata, the new collaboration album between Freddie Gibbs and Madlib
    Every time Sweet Lucy and I would walk into a show, we'd marvel at how ornate and detailed each show's particular set was, whether it be the dive bar in Stella and Lou (scenic designer: Bill Clarke), the glistening lounge of The Devil's Music (James J. Fenton), or the intricate little converted town car in Equally Divided (also Clarke). The current production, Talley's Folly (designed by Randall Parsons), even had freaking fireflies providing the most subtle twinkle around the enchanting, dilapidated gazebo.
  • 7. For all you gangsta rap lovers out there (and I know The Sun's readership relishes some gangsta rap), check out Piñata, the new collaboration album between up-and-comer Freddie Gibbs and producing legend Madlib. It's a smooth suite of jazz-sampled beats complemented perfectly by Gibbs' adaptive, grizzled flow. And Scarface is on it!
  • 8. Other music from 2014 worth checking out so far: Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Against Me!), St. Vincent (St. Vincent), Give the People What They Want (Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings), Lost in the Dream (The War on Drugs), and My Krazy Life (YG).
  • 9. Has Mixology been canceled yet? No? Man, I need a drink.

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