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The Foodery's bison meatballs, broccolini, penne and spaghetti sauce
  • The Place

Your home! Well, sort of.

The Foodery delivers organic, locally-sourced meals to your front door. If you find yourself too busy to cook a couple nights a week, you can order a few fresh meals from The Foodery, which delivers all over the state on Sunday nights from (for now) its small commercial kitchen in Lowell.

The Foodery currently has a stable of 22 recipes that it draws six from each week. By midnight on Thursday, customers get their orders in for their next week's meals. The Foodery then sources all its ingredients on Friday, plans and preps on Saturday, and cooks and delivers on Sundays. Eighteen months into its life cycle, The Foodery delivers about 130 meals each week.

Dan Adam, of Lowell (left) portions out a mixture of couscous and vegetables, while Spencer Ringwood, of Lowell, and co-founder Mike Speights add chard and
Dan Adam, of Lowell (left) portions out a mixture of couscous and vegetables, while Spencer Ringwood, of Lowell, and co-founder Mike Speights add chard and steamed salmon. The Foodery crafts healthy meals, prepares them fresh, and delivers them to homes weekly. (SUN/Ashley Green)
  • The People

John Bauer and Mike Speights started planning The Foodery three years ago when they were busy finance professionals who had trouble sticking to healthy diets.

"With our schedules, we were always struggling to eat healthy," said Speights. "After a while, we asked ourselves, what if we could solve this for people?"

The pair of co-founders now employ a team of 10 to produce meals. They have three Foodery chef partners, who are experienced restaurant professionals that help with everything from scaling meals to ensuring all the meals meet the company's nutritional standards.


  • The Food

Every meal at The Foodery is 550 calories and made with 100 percent organic produce, grass-fed meat or wild-caught fish, and low-glycemic carbohydrates.

Despite the self-imposed restrictions, The Foodery still offers an exciting variety of meals each week. Some popular ones are the Mongolian beef dish (flank steak marinated with a ginger garlic sauce and topped with a six-vegetable blend), the salmon Cobb salad, and the bison meatballs, with bison sourced directly from Yankee Farmer's Market in Warner, N.H.

  • The Price

Not including delivery, meals are regularly $23 each, but are now $18.49 each through April 30 for The Foodery's "Spring Fling" sale. You currently have to buy a minimum of four meals. Speights says prices will go down as the company gets more customers and when it moves soon to a larger kitchen in South Boston and can start buying in bulk.

The company has raised $58,393 of a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign that will only be funded if the goal is reached by Friday, April 4. Speights said the funds would help expand the menu, cook food to scale, lower prices and improve the overall experience The Foodery offers.

"It would help speed up the growth of The Foodery and also accomplish our mission of helping solve some of these sustainable food system challenges," said Speights.

For information on The Foodery, visit or visit its Kickstarter page at

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