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Regardless of the forecast predicting more snow for this week, here are six fantastic spring essentials to start including in your wardrobe ASAP. This spring is centered around color and texture, so brace yourself. From your nail polish to your jacket, down to the sandals on your feet, this spring is all about style.

First, we'll start with metallics. Sure, this spring is very colorful fashion wise, but metallics are on the rise. If you're willing, take the plunge to a silver metallic skirt or gold blazer. If you need time to adapt to the trend, incorporate it in other place like shoes, handbags and jewelry. Don't be shy when it comes to your style this spring. New season, new looks.

Pastels are always hot for spring, but this spring, pale pink is the reigning hue. It's a color that goes with just about every other color and pattern possible. If you're saying to yourself, "I'm not a pink person," have no fear. Make pale pink less girly by adding darker clothes on top and wearing sneakers like Converse or Superga. This will give your look an edge toward chic instead of girly. Pastels of all shades are certainly welcome, and mint and baby blue are still carrying over from last year as two of spring's hottest pastels. Find a pastel you like and run with it.


Neon is a risk worth taking. Clutches, shoes, jewelry and other accessories are perfect pieces for neon colors. The one thing about neons is that you want to avoid overdoing it at all costs. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral and you're good. If you're feeling confident with your styling, try a neon pair of pants or a neon vest. Even stuck in these last few (hopefully) winter weeks, adding a pop off neon may help cure your SADD.

Ah yes, florals. They're great in small doses. Floral scarves and accessories are my favorites because they're easy to pair with any neutral look. Again, if you're comfortable, go for floral pants or patterned shoes. Make sure you keep it somewhat simple and you'll look très chic.

Next on the list of spring must-haves is a versatile wear-everywhere/everyday tote bag. Opt for a roomy bag that's good for school, work, weekends and eventually for beach days, too. It's too early to say beach, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. If you're on the go this kind of a bag is perfect for you. Relieve the duties of the bag you've used all throughout winter and reward yourself with a new tote for this season that you'll get a lot of use out of.

Last, but certainly not least, we have my favorite spring piece, white cropped pants. Talk about versatile. They're great for daytime, dinner and night festivities. Don't be one of those people who don't wear white before Memorial Day, jump the gun and start early. It's spring after all, and rules are meant to be broken. Slim fitting white pants are my personal favorite because when it's cold they look great with a bulky sweater of cardigan, and when it's warm they look even better with a tank or blouse. When wearing white pants, don't forget to add some color in your top and accessories. This is definitely the most wearable, useful piece of the season.

With these six tips, you should be on top of your style game. They're all very simple to put together and easy to find, so you won't be challenged. Let's all wish the rest of winter away so we can start wearing these spring essentials and put our snow boots away.

Goodbye, winter.

xx, ZM