Sunday night's episode of “The Walking Dead,” titled, “Claimed,” was a pretty revelatory hour, packed with fresh tidbits and Crazy Cheese goodness.

Here's a rundown of what we learned:

  • MICHONNE HAS A PLAYFUL SIDE: Yes, we've seen glimpses — a smile here, a wisecrack there. But never like this. Our sword-wielding warrior actually yucked it up a little bit as she showed off her bulky, but “extremely comfortable and attractive shirt” to Carl, and tried to get the boy to laugh as she flooded her mouth with gobs of gooey spray cheese.

    It was almost a little weird to witness, but also highly refreshing. Many fans, including me, have complained about how the show continually depicted Michonne as a one-dimensional, brooding bad-ass. Now, meet Michonne the stand-up comedian.
  • AND SHE HAD A SON: Thanks to Carl's relentless interrogation, we learned that Michonne's son was named Andre Anthony, and he was her only child. “One was enough,” she tells Carl. “He was a handful like you.”

    Andre Anthony apparently died at the age of 3 (“It happened after everything happened.”). And Michonne has gone all this time without telling anyone else about him.
  • CARL IS CONVINCED JUDITH DIED: We got confirmation that Carl (and apparently Rick) believes his baby sister perished in the bloody prison clash.

    “Maybe Judith and Andre are together somewhere,” he tells Michonne in a poignant moment.


    Of course, we all know that Judith is alive and on her way to Terminus with Tyrese, Carol and the girls.
  • RICK HAS MAD, CATLIKE SKILLS: For a guy who could barely walk a couple of weeks ago, Rick displayed remarkable nimbleness and agility as he hid from a group of boisterous intruders before ultimately escaping through the house's second-floor window.

    And the under-the-bed scenes were orchestrated particularly well. As viewers, we took in everything from Rick's low-lying point of view. Loud voices. Arguing. Legs and feet stomping dangerously close. And then, finally, during the fight between two men, Rick comes face-to-face with one of them who can't divulge his whereabouts because he's being put into a sleeper choke hold right there on the floor!

    It was a suspenseful, Hitchcock-like science, rendered with impressive precision. Bravo.
  • THOSE ARMY TYPES ARE ON A MISSION: We also learned the names of the three characters who scooped up Tara and Glenn. The hulking leader with the Fu Manchu moustache is Sgt. Abraham I-smile-when-I-kill-walkers Ford (Michael Cudlitz). His attractive female sidekick is Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) and the dweeby dude with a mullet is Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt). Welcome to the show.

    Before Porter accidentally (and stupidly) shoots up their military vehicle, they had hoped to drive to Washington D.C. Why? Because “the fate of the entire human race might depend on it,” says Fu Manchu guy.

    It turns out that Eugene is a scientist who thinks he knows what caused the zombie apocalypse. Only trouble is, he's not telling us because it's “classified.”

    That's great, Eugene, but now, because of your blunder, you and the others are following Glenn on another mission: To find Maggie.


    On one final note, let's give a hand to showrunner Scott Gimple and his collaborators for some handsomely crafted scenes and images over these recent episodes. We already mentioned the bedroom stuff with Rick, and last week, the bus sequence with Maggie.

    Tonight also delivered a chilling scene in which Michonne entered a child's bedroom to discover four corpses (including two little girls) lying in bed and another propped up in a rocking chair. The juxtaposition of the gruesome carnage against a room painted in bright pink and filled with stuffed animals and other children's toys was one more vivid, gut-wrenching reminder that we're in a world totally stripped of childlike innocence.

    No words were necessary. We could see the pain etched in Michonne's face.