Beyonce is pop royalty who has enjoyed a steady stream of hits over the years that have kept her perched on top of the music charts.

Now, naughty Beyonce's got some real competition and it's coming from an animated Disney character. The No. 1 sound track (two weeks in a row) on top of the Billboard album chart is Disney's "Frozen" from the movie of the same name. "Frozen" has also been anointed with an Oscar nomination for the song, "Let it Go."

I'm thrilled that a Disney ice princess has skated over the pop queen, even if it's short-lived. I think back 20 years ago to when our two daughters were young and it was one of our favorite things to do -- watch Disney musicals on videotape. "Pocahontas" (whose soundtrack also hit No. 1 in the mid-90s) "Finding Nemo" and "The Lion King" were three of our favorites. We knew EVERY SINGLE WORD!

To this day, people laugh when I tell them that our daughter Ayla, a finalist on "American Idol's" Season 5, learned how to sing by listening to Disney musicals. Her ultimate favorite was "Beauty and the Beast." Over the years, we've gone to watch "Beauty" whenever we can find it playing in a nearby theater or ice rink.

On March 4, I hope to be in the audience at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium when The Sun sponsors "Beauty and the Beast." It will be fun to watch another generation grow up with the classic tale of greed overcome by love.


On that same night, the crowd in Lowell will no doubt be very different from that at Boston University's Agganis Arena where Robin Thicke is scheduled to bring his raunchy musical show.

Thicke sings the hit "Blurred Lines" which created a stir after former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus performed it with him at the MTV Video Music Awards. The song spent three months atop Billboard's Hot 100.

But not everyone is raving about his family unfriendly music. Students from a group called "Humanists of BU" are circulating a petition, protesting Thicke's performance on their campus March 4. They say his song, "Blurred Lines" celebrates having sex with women against their will. Some go so far as to claim his song "promotes rape."

Thicke laughs off the charges. But, after watching his song's accompanying music video, there can be no question that Thicke knew he was blurring A LOT OF LINES.

Which brings me back to Disney's family-friendly "Frozen" and the soundtrack's current status at the top of the Billboard chart. With all of the raunchy music we're subjected to daily, isn't it comforting to know that some people still want to hear music that celebrates optimism, family commitment, and love?

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