• Lowell art project worth the wait - 02/23/2019 11:38 PM EST
  • His work? Just look around Lowell - 02/23/2019 10:30 PM EST
  • Blues beat Bruins in a shootout - 02/23/2019 07:15 PM EST
    LETTER TO THE EDITOR Jesus' birth is the reason for Christmas

    In a recent letter to the editor, F. Nowak of Lowell asks: So what are children being taught to celebrate on Christmas Day? Full Story
    LETTER TO THE EDITOR Patriot proud to have served
    To the Citizens of Dracut: We are proud to have been your emergency ambulance provider for the last 18 years; it has been our honor to serve you. Full Story

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    Chavis makes good first impression with Red Sox

    FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The smooth transition to the minor leagues that infielder Michael Chavis anticipated as a teenager when he signed with the Boston Red Sox in 2014 never happened, which made his Grapefruit League debut Saturday all the more gratifying.  Full Story
    Trial date set for retired Dracut doctor

    A Sun Staff Report DRACUT -- The retired Dracut doctor who allegedly prescribed opioids that resulted in an at-risk patient's death will go on trial Dec. Full Story
    Providing a handy history of the fake noose

    02/23/2019 06:34 AM EST
    By Michelle Malkin Is it any wonder that American news consumers are at the end of their ropes of patience with the "mainstream media"? 
    Full Story
    Which Republicans will follow example set by Labour's exit?
    02/20/2019 06:34 AM EST - By Jennifer Rubin The Washington Post One party has become more ideologically extreme, embracing bigotry and erratic, self-defeating positions on foreign policy. Full Story

    Scaring off Amazon will backfire on progressives
    02/20/2019 06:34 AM EST - By Conor Sen Bloomberg Opinion Amazon announcing it will not put one of its new North America headquarters in New York City is the latest in a bad run of events that raise the possibility that progressives have overplayed their hand. Full Story

    Goldman: If the president says it does that make it so?
    02/19/2019 11:33 AM EST - By Michael Goldman If President Donald Trump says it, but do you believe it? The president sure hopes so, because his re-election depends on it Take the quiz and decide for yourself. Full Story

    Conservation bill shows Congress is not completely broken
    02/19/2019 06:34 AM EST - We interrupt the despairing over D.C. drama and dysfunction with a bit of good news. The Senate last week passed a sweeping lands conservation bill by a vote of 92 to 8. Full Story

    Racism, not xenophobia, links the 'new populists'
    02/19/2019 06:34 AM EST - By Anne Applebaum The Washington Post In recent months, academics, columnists and analysts have spilled gallons of ink analyzing the so-called "populists" who are winning elections, or coming close to winning them, in so many countries. Full Story

    Is Bill Weld sizing up national prospects for Charlie Baker?
    02/19/2019 06:34 AM EST - By Peter Lucas Is Bill Weld a stalking horse for Charlie Baker? Could the former Republican governor of Massachusetts be the advance man -- knowingly or not -- testing the New Hampshire waters for the current Republican governor of Full Story

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    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston split up

    Taylor Swift decides Tom Hiddleston isn’t the one after all and hands him his walking papers.