• High school scores - 04/23/2018 11:33 PM EDT
  • Miller elected selectman in Townsend - 04/23/2018 09:38 PM EDT
  • Lowell man treated for gunshot wounds - 04/23/2018 08:57 PM EDT
    LETTER TO THE EDITOR Jesus' birth is the reason for Christmas

    In a recent letter to the editor, F. Nowak of Lowell asks: So what are children being taught to celebrate on Christmas Day? Full Story
    LETTER TO THE EDITOR Patriot proud to have served
    To the Citizens of Dracut: We are proud to have been your emergency ambulance provider for the last 18 years; it has been our honor to serve you. Full Story

    High school scores

    BASEBALL Ayer Shirley 14, Murdock 2; Lowell Catholic 10, St. Joseph 0; Central Catholic 10, Dracut 3; Essex Tech 2, Greater Lowell 0; Burlington 6, Wilmington 0; Andover 8, Chelmsford 1; Shawsheen 5, Mystic Valley 3; North Full Story
    Remembering Helen Mangan Brooks: Veteran, trailblazer, mother and a very fun friend

    DRACUT -- World War II veteran. The first woman to serve in the Pentagon. A dedicated mother. The friend who lit up any room she entered. Full Story
    Marc A. Thiessen: U.S. Senate must confirm Pompeo

    04/23/2018 07:48 AM EDT
    WASHINGTON -- For the first time in the history of the republic, it appears increasingly likely that a majority of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote against the president's nominee for secretary of state. 
    Full Story
    Michael Goldman: If only Groucho had met Donald Trump
    04/22/2018 02:56 PM EDT - By Michael Goldman There is a famous movie exchange between Groucho Marx and his brother Chico, when Chico glumly laments, "What bad news! Full Story

    That's what they called 'Sully' -- Why label the Southwest captain a 'female pilot'?
    04/22/2018 09:14 AM EDT - A feeling of pride swept through the small community of female pilots Wednesday as word spread that the captain who had safely landed Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 after an engine blew out Full Story

    Impossibility with restoring traditional models of authority
    04/22/2018 06:36 AM EDT - By Noah Feldman Bloomberg View James Comey's extraordinary attacks on Donald Trump as "morally unfit" to be president are more than a ploy to sell books. Full Story

    Police log we are not allowed to read
    04/22/2018 06:36 AM EDT - This horrific rape in Weymouth, allegedly by an illegal immigrant from Ghana who was then cut loose by a Dukakis-era hack judge named Mark Coven to flee back to the Third World, is not exactly an isolated incident. Full Story

    'Little Pink House' movie takes on Goliath
    04/21/2018 09:13 AM EDT - WASHINGTON -- Coming soon to a cinema near you is a bite-your-nails true-story thriller featuring heroes, villains and a history-making struggle over . Full Story

    Peter Lucas: Beth Lindstrom could be Warren's worst nightmare
    04/20/2018 07:27 AM EDT - She doesn't have Scott Brown's truck, but she's got his spirit. She is veteran Republican political operative Beth Lindstrom of Groton, who is seeking to unseat Democrat U. Full Story

    (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)
    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston split up

    Taylor Swift decides Tom Hiddleston isn’t the one after all and hands him his walking papers.