A vet's appeal to secularists: Let's enjoy Christmas freedoms

As I sit listening to the beautiful music of this time of the year I find it difficult to believe that there is a secular movement in this country pushing for the elimination of any religious aspect to Christmas. Full Story
Vocal minority does not represent Dracut
The Sun has no compunction in using its editorial right to a free press when telling citizens of Dracut and other communities how they should vote or act on issues at any time. Full Story

Streb shoots 63, joins Walker in lead at PGA

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. (AP) -- Robert Streb became the latest player to shoot 63 in a major, and hardly anyone noticed in a PGA Championship with endless action across Baltusrol on Friday. Full Story
Dracut adopts aggressive strategy to build business

Northeastern's Dukakis Center Director Barry Bluestone: Most people don't know where town is and what its real assets are
DRACUT -- After years of agonizing about the town's small commercial tax base and grasping sporadically for prospective businesses, Dracut is now working with a research-driven economic-development strategy. Full Story
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Peter Lucas: Lawn and order restored at Statehouse

07/29/2016 08:53 AM EDT
Massachusetts Secretary of State Billy Galvin drew a line in the lawn. And he has dared Gov. Charlie Baker to cross it. 
Full Story
#BlueLightFriday gets its night at White House
07/28/2016 04:36 PM EDT - By Michelle Malkin "When you need something done, call a retired cop. "That's how Blue Light Friday at the White House came together last week. Full Story

DANA MILBANK: At the Democratic convention, women seize their moment
07/28/2016 11:47 AM EDT - PHILADELPHIA -- Watching Hillary Clinton become the first woman to be nominated for president has inspired women at the Democratic National Convention to celebrate this singular moment. Full Story

E.J. DIONNE JR.:Obama: Continuity we can believe in
07/28/2016 07:57 AM EDT - PHILADELPHIA -- Barack Obama's mission on behalf of Hillary Clinton is personal and political. Full Story

EUGENE ROBINSON: Trump's news conference: more outrages and lies
07/28/2016 07:58 AM EDT - NEW YORK -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump -- I can't believe I wrote those words -- gave a news conference Wednesday. Full Story

GEORGE F. WILL: The presidential path ahead for Clinton
07/28/2016 08:01 AM EDT - PHILADELPHIA -- En route to fight one of his many duels, French politician Georges Clemenceau bought a one-way train ticket. Full Story

EUGENE ROBINSON: Can Democrats stay out of their own way?
07/27/2016 08:15 AM EDT - WASHINGTON -- I've spent a lot of time this year counseling Democrats, independents and establishment Republicans not to freak out. Full Story