A vet's appeal to secularists: Let's enjoy Christmas freedoms

As I sit listening to the beautiful music of this time of the year I find it difficult to believe that there is a secular movement in this country pushing for the elimination of any religious aspect to Christmas. Full Story
Vocal minority does not represent Dracut
The Sun has no compunction in using its editorial right to a free press when telling citizens of Dracut and other communities how they should vote or act on issues at any time. Full Story

Marchand, Bergeron lead Canada to title

TORONTO (AP) -- Brad Marchand scored a short-handed goal with 43.1 seconds left and Canada beat Team Europe, 2-1, on Thursday night to win the World Cup of Hockey. Full Story
Dangerousness hearing waived in Dracut stabbing (VIDEO)

LOWELL -- After allegedly stabbing her ex-husband with a large kitchen knife, Dracut police said 58-year-old Julia L. Full Story
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GEORGE F. WILL: Donald Trump's rise reflects America's decay

09/29/2016 08:03 AM EDT
WASHINGTON -- Looking on the bright side, perhaps this election can teach conservatives to look on the dark side. 
Full Story
KATHLEEN PARKER: Sniffles and The Cyber go to town
09/28/2016 07:41 AM EDT - WASHINGTON -- My heart went out to Donald Trump Monday night when it appeared that he was under the weather. Full Story

DANA MILBANK: In one-on-one setting, Trump's primaries tactics failed
09/28/2016 09:27 AM EDT - WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump was trying very hard to be on his best behavior. In the opening minutes of the first presidential debate Monday night, the Republican nominee began an answer by saying, "In all fairness to Secretary Clinton" -- then Full Story

Peter Lucas: Obama banking on Hillary to preserve legacy
09/27/2016 10:36 AM EDT - Apropos of last night's debate: If Hillary Clinton loses to Donald Trump, Barack Obama will be a loser as well. Full Story

GEORGE F. WILL: In Colorado, a Republican worth your vote
09/26/2016 10:44 AM EDT - AURORA, Colo. -- Here on the High Plains, where the deer and the antelope once played, Denver's suburbs roam toward the Rockies' front range and the nature of today's polyglot politics is written in the local congressman's campaign schedule. Full Story

Ref not required
09/25/2016 06:36 AM EDT - By Jonathan Bernstein Bloomberg View Should presidential-debate moderators do double duty as fact-checkers, too? Full Story

'This is Us' - Let's discuss that big twist in the pilot
09/25/2016 09:21 AM EDT -

If you heard any talk this summer about NBC's new drama "This is Us," it may have been about the pilot's rumored big twist. Full Story

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston split up

Taylor Swift decides Tom Hiddleston isn’t the one after all and hands him his walking papers.