LETTER TO THE EDITOR Jesus' birth is the reason for Christmas

In a recent letter to the editor, F. Nowak of Lowell asks: So what are children being taught to celebrate on Christmas Day? Full Story
LETTER TO THE EDITOR Patriot proud to have served
To the Citizens of Dracut: We are proud to have been your emergency ambulance provider for the last 18 years; it has been our honor to serve you. Full Story

Pevear: Patriots get even stronger through NFL draft

FOXBORO -- The New England Patriots' braintrust could have been off deep-sea fishing the last three days and not endangered the team's dynastic status. Full Story
Hot races top Dracut ballot

DRACUT -- Contested races for Board of Selectmen and School Committee top the ballot in Tuesday's town election. Full Story
(Andrew Harnik)
At 100 days, Trump's no Russian stooge or fascist

04/30/2017 09:11 AM EDT
Before Donald Trump won the election in November we were warned: He is a Russian stooge. 
Full Story
Elisabeth Moss: 'The Handmaid's Tale' was a waiting game
04/30/2017 08:16 AM EDT - When Offred (played by Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss) steps outside of the house she lives in, everyone knows exactly what she is. Full Story

In Dracut, re-elect incumbent selectmen
04/29/2017 09:01 AM EDT -

When Dracut voters go to the polls Monday, it'll be with a sense that, fiscally, things are better than they were two years ago. While there's never enough money in the tax till to meet all municipal needs, the town is building up its stabilization account (free cash) and improving its ability to borrow money at lower interest rates. Full Story

Muddy Maxine Waters: What a riot
04/29/2017 09:01 AM EDT - Are you freaking kidding me? Thirteen-term Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Beltway barnacle permanently affixed to USS Government, is now the fresh-faced "rock star" of the Democratic Party. Full Story

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Populism isn't in retreat. It's in a holding pattern
04/29/2017 09:02 AM EDT - WASHINGTON --Yesterday's conventional wisdom: A wave of insurgent populism is sweeping the West, threatening its foundational institutions -- the European Union, the Western alliance, even liberal democracy itself. Full Story

PETER LUCAS: Don't bet on a Nixonian comeback for Hillary
04/28/2017 09:36 AM EDT - Hillary Clinton should go on an apology tour. It is the only way to resurrect her wrecked political career. Full Story

KATHLEEN PARKER: President Trump retreats and retweets -- again
04/27/2017 09:03 AM EDT - WASHINGTON -- As Donald Trump approaches the 100-day marker of his first year in office, he has defined himself not as the Dealmaker in Chief but as The Backdown President. Full Story

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston split up

Taylor Swift decides Tom Hiddleston isn’t the one after all and hands him his walking papers.