Do the palms of your hands get sweaty every time you pass a yard sale or a little boutique vintage shop that entices you to slam on the breaks and stop because of "furniture bait" waiting on the front yard? I finally figured it out.

While leaving my parents' house from a furniture delivery for them the other morning, I passed by the little house on the hill that I always noticed as having a yard sale (every day of the week). This was the same little lady who came to remove my parents' older furniture and was going to put it in her house for sale as it was still in good shape.

Little did I realize that her little house on the hill was a haven for destined-for-the-side-of-the-road furniture and dishware that held some really great finds.

As I drove past, there was an aloe-painted headboard and footboard leaning against the house. I tried to look as carefully as I could since I was driving through a roadwork site filled with police and couldn't jam on the breaks.

I kept driving since I couldn't find a good place to turn around and I had to get back to Lowell. But I couldn't get the bed out of my mind. I just rescued a dresser in a shade darker than the aloe bed that would work perfectly in someone's shabby chic style home.

I returned to the "yard sale" in Dracut to pick up the dresser and met owner Donna Molinari of Dracut and sister Tracy Alba of Billerica, two true "Picker Sisters." Their location on a busy street at 1340 Mammoth Road in Dracut is home to their seven-days-a-week yard sale outside and in.


Donna's cottage home was too big for herself, so she decided to open her house up for sales. She calls herself an OCD hoarder.

Donna trades a lot of furniture as well. Those looking to rid themselves of furnishings may just find a trade in Donna's home that they can't live without. Donna obtains items from picking, yard sales and friends. Her business, however, is seasonal because she prepares tax returns and is currently running a 50 percent off sale.

Some household items that could be used for the upcoming holiday season:

* Painted white china cabinet was $110, now $55

* Retro/mid-century modern dinette set was $125, now $75

* Retro/mid-century modern barber waiting chairs, $5 each (3)

Donna also has some fun, entertaining dishware that could be used during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons -- rainbow-colored wine classes, serving dishes and even wall art that would fit in the right home with the right décor.

Call Donna at 978-957-2425.

Debbe Daley, owner of Debbe Daley Designs, is an interior designer with more than 25 years of experience as a professional interior redesigner, stylist, stager, trainer and project manager. Follow her blog at She also blogs at