Fabian Rojas of North Andover is charged with impersonating a police officer.
Fabian Rojas of North Andover is charged with impersonating a police officer. (Sun/Lisa Redmond)

LOWELL -- A 20-year-old North Andover man has been charged with impersonating a police officer after a witness alleges he saw Fabian Rojas, wearing what appeared to be a gun in a holster, pull over a car motorist for speeding in Dracut.

In Lowell District Court on Thursday, Rojas was released on personal recognizance after pleading not guilty to driving without a license and impersonating a police officer.

He also had warrants for his arrest on operating a motor-vehicle without a license, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and no inspection sticker.

According to Dracut police, at 9:15 p.m. Thursday, an officer received a report of a man in a 2001 Nissan Maxima posing as a police officer to pull over a vehicle on Lakeview Avenue.

Rojas allegedly used some sort of flashing light to stop the vehicle. A witness told police he saw what looked to be a gun in a holster on the suspect's hip, but doubted the man was a police officer.

The Dracut police officer was able to stop the Maxima on Lakeview Avenue by Martin Terrace. There were two occupants, Rojas and a 16-year-old.

The vehicle was searched and two BB guns were located, along with an LED flashlight. Rojas told police he had been "flashing" the light into the woods when a vehicle in front of him stopped.

Rojas allegedly admitted that he exited his vehicle and approached the driver while having a BB gun in a holster on his hip. Rojas told police that when he approached, the driver he asked him if he knew how fast he was going.


Rojas told the driver he was going 50 mph, and to slow down. He then got back into his vehicle.

The individual who was "stopped" by Rojas is not known at this time.

Police discovered that Rojas had four active warrants for unrelated motor-vehicle offenses. The juvenile will be summonsed to court and charged as a joint venture for the impersonating charge.

Reporter Rob Mills contributed to this story.

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