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LOWELL -- Eight managers fired by Market Basket last month are suing the company for not receiving pay they say they were entitled to at the time of their termination, they said Friday.

The lawsuit comes a day after attorneys general for Massachusetts and New Hampshire wrote a letter to the company's top executives warning them to abide by laws on workers' rights. The eight longtime workers who were fired said they didn't get all the money they were owed when they were fired July 20.

The workers have not received final pay, unused vacation and sick time, and profit-sharing funds, said Tom Trainor, a district supervisor who had been with the company for 41 years.

"We feel like we were wrongfully terminated for speaking out with our right to organize," Trainor said.

An attorney for the eight workers said in a letter to the company that the employees were wrongfully terminated and were also not notified of their workers' rights when they were fired.

The eight who were fired were all longtime employees. They were fired two days after the first major rally that kicked off what is now a two-week boycott of the company.

The fired workers who are now suing are, in addition to Trainor: Joe Garon, Tom Gordon, Steve Paulenka, Jim Lacourse, Dean Joyce, Joe Schmidt and Mike Kettenbach.

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